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Jay-Z Insists We Need To Take Action Against Police Brutality

Roommates, it has been a bumpy ride for Jay-Z after announcing his decision to partner with the NFL. He’s been met with a lot of controversy, but Jay maintains his plan is greater than just kneeling.

Video obtained by TMZ gives an inside look at the meeting between Jay and tNFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The burning question in everyone’s mind is how a billionaire mogul can partner with the very organization that is blackballing Colin Kapernick for standing up for police brutality,

When posed with the question, Jay says people have misconstrued the kneeling protest to equate Colin Kaepernick’s current employment status. He says that’s not what it’s about at all.

“I think we’re past kneeling. I think it’s time to move to our actionable items,” Jay says. “We all know the issue now, and I’m not minimizing that part. But now, what are we going to do?”.

Jay continues saying the idea of kneeling is necessary to the processor getting a message across, but Kaepernick is just a casualty for the cause.

“I’m not minimizing that part of it, because it’e necessary, but what are we doing next?,” Jay says. “Everyone’s saying how are you going forward and Kaep doesn’t have a job, this wasn’t about him having a job!”

Jay maintains that the task at hand is to use the NFL’s resources to change the culture of police brutality in our country. He says there are two parts protest–taking a stand and getting the NFL to hear us.

Unfortunately, Jay’s work is being met with controversy, particularly from Colin’s girlfriend Nessa. In an Instagram post, she insists Jay should not be working with the NFL due to Kaep’s current position.

“So really, how can Jay-Z and the NFL utter social justice in their partnership while keeping Colin unemployed because of his social justice work?” she says.

As of now, Jay has not responded to any of the chatter.


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