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Jay-Z Says The War On Drugs Is An Epic Fail

This morning, the #DrugPolicyAlliance teamed up with #JayZ and illustrator #MollyCrabapple to produce a short film that gives a quick, yet detailed, lesson about the war on drugs. He starts by describing Ronald Reagan’s version of the war on drugs which ended up creating a prison boom in the 90’s as a direct cause of his “tough on crime” initiatives. Next, the rapper compares how America imprisons more people than any other country in the world–even countries that we deem repressive.

Lastly, Jay-Z touches on how the legalization of weed in places like Denver still leaves blacks and latinos at an unfair advantage when trying to enter into the marijuana economy.

While these cities are experiencing great profits from selling weed, people with criminal records for selling the same drug are prohibited from entering. All of this may change soon for California voters!

NY Times:

“Policy makers are joining advocates in demanding an end to biased policing and mass incarceration, and in November, Californians specifically have the opportunity to vote Yes on Prop 64, the most racial-justice-oriented marijuana legalization measure ever. Prop 64 would reduce (and in many cases eliminate) criminal penalties for marijuana offenses, and it’s retroactive — people sitting in prison for low-level marijuana offenses would be released and have their records expunged. In addition, Prop 64 would drive millions of dollars in direct funding and investments to those communities most harmed by the criminal justice system.”


Check out the link for the video below. It puts so much into perspective! Why are things set up the way they are and why are people so comfortable with letting others get away with it?



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Via: NY Times 


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