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Jayda Cheaves Says Her & Lil Baby Are “Cordial” After Being Spotted Together In Atlanta

Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby‘s love story has been quite complex over the years at the two rose to fame together and welcomed their baby boy Loyal Armani. Their relationship saw tough times as rumors of Baby being unfaithful became a reality for Jayda, who chose to walk away in early 2021.

Despite their split, Jayda and Baby have been spotted together on multiple occasions, including during a recent outing in Atlanta. Baby stopped in the ‘A’ as part of his tour with Chris Brown, and while Jayda nor Baby posted one another, fans turned into the feds when they noticed a glimpse of Jayda’s outfit in the background of an Instagram video.

After the video started making its rounds, Jayda stepped into The Shade Room to clarify that her and Lil Baby are still on the outs romantically, but have chosen to remain friends.

It’s 100% okay to be cordial with the person you’re raising a child’s not normalized in today’s society but it’s true. Y’all want me and Loyal daddy to be beefing so bad. We over that stage…we friends.”

It’s not uncommon for fans to root for team Jayda and Baby. The two sparked similar rumors back in July after they hit up a club with Nicki Minaj in London. Once again, fans put their detective skills to work after Nicki’s hairstylist Tae posted a video of her and Baby, and shortly after, Nicki posted a pic with Ms. Cheaves.

Nevertheless, Jayda and Baby seem to be living their best and most successful lives while they’re apart! Jayda is still working on expanding her clothing brand, and is reportedly starring in an upcoming BET docuseries. And y’all know Baby ain’t letting up with the music.

Would y’all wanna see this couple patch things up, Roomies?