Jesseca Harris-Dupart Gifts Da Brat A 'Pre-Push' Present

WATCH: Jesseca Harris-Dupart Gifts Da Brat A ‘Pre-Push’ Present Ahead Of Their Baby Boy’s Birth

Jesseca Harris-Dupart is showing her wife, Da Brat, her love and appreciation ahead of the birth of their first child together, a baby boy.

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Jesseca Harris-Dupart Surprises Da Brat & Leaves Her In Tears

Harris-Dupart took to Instagram Sunday evening and shared a clip of her and Da Brat driving. As the clip begins, Da Brat asks her wife a question.

“What are we doing at Tesla?”

The two then pull into the parking lot, and the rapper exclaims.

“Beautiful, stop! Don’t play with me — Don’t do this, oh my God! You are — Don’t do this!”

After parking, Harris-Dupart exits the car and walks over to open the rapper’s door.

“You know I got on makeup, you know I’m going to mess it up,” Da Brat explains, becoming emotional. Harris-Dupart then tells her wife she got her a “pre-push gift.”

“C’mon, beautiful… Keep whichever one you want.”

Harris-Dupart explains as Da Brat, who appears to be still in awe, refuses to leave the car.

“It’s already paid for. I can’t take it back. They made me pay for it — in cash. It’s paid for.”

Harris-Dupart explains.

Da Brat’s Wife Gifts Her With The Choice Of Her Own Tesla

As Harris-Dupart pans the camera around so the viewer can look at the pre-push gift for Da Brat, they are greeted by black, red, blue, and white Teslas, each adorned with balloons.

“So I surprised my wife today. [I] took her to Tesla to pick out her pre-push gift — she tried to fight me on it. But I won the battle. What color y’all think she chose?”

Da Brat’s wife further explained her gift to the rapper on Instagram. In a video post of her driving Da Brat to the dealership, she explained that she wanted to “make sure” her wife had “her pre-push gift.”

“SURPRISE 😬😬😬😬 wanted to make sure my wife had her PRE-PUSH gift 🎁 she always says how I don’t need to buy her anything all she needs is me ….. DAT MAKES ME WANNA GIVE HER DA WORLD 🌎 and all things in it , all the things she’s ever wanted , wanted to do , wanted to achieve IMA MAKE SURE she gets them , does them and achieves them…”

In a separate video post, she showed which Tesla Da Brat chose with additional words. Additionally, she explained that the rapper fussed “for an hour” about accepting her “pre-push” gift, but she won the battle.

“She picked the WHITE ON WHITE 😊😊😊😊 after fussing for an hour saying she didn’t want to accept it 😂😂😂 had to show her the PAID receipt , she said they can’t do a refund 😂😂😂😂😂 she really tried to fight me on this …. But I WON 😊😊 now back to bed resting ….. ALSO SHE SAID I HAD TO AGREE THAT IF SHE ACCEPTED IT I CANT GIVE HER THE OTHER GIFT – the ACTUAL push gift 🎁 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🙄 unfair ….. and im trying to figure out a way around it…”

Furthermore, Jesseca Harris-Dupart also shared a final photo and her and Da Brat with her “pre-push gift.”

Roomies, what do you think of Jesseca Harris-Dupart’s surprise to Da Brat? Furthermore, what do you think she’ll gift the rapper for her final push gift?


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