Joseline Hernandez Reveals How Much Earned On 'LHHATL'

Joseline Hernandez Reveals How Much Money She Earned During Her Time On ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ (Video)

Joseline Hernandez is opening up about her time on ‘Love and Hip Atlanta’ and sharing how much money she earned during her years on the show. According to KIRO 7, the reality star appeared on the series between 2012 and 2017.

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The Reality Star Speaks On Feeling That “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Would “Change” Her Life

Hernandez recently sat down for an exclusive interview with TV producer and YouTuber Carlos King, which was published Tuesday. During the episode, the 36-year-old reflected on her early days on the reality show. Additionally, she explained that she knew joining the cast would “change” her life when she received her first paycheck.

“It was my first check, so I was very emotional because I had never had a real job in my life,” Hernandez explained. “The only job I had was being a stripper.”

Hernandez explained that she had “never” experienced cashing a paycheck or “clocking” in. As the conversation continued, Hernandez reflected on telling the world she would become a “national superstar,” to which King confirmed.

“You manifested this life for you,” King told Hernandez. “And people felt like, ‘B***h, please…’ and here you are, you are one!”

Joseline Hernandez Shares How Her Pay On ‘LHHATL’ Skyrocketed Over The Years

Later in the conversation, Hernandez transparently revealed how much money she earned over her multiple seasons on the show.

“Within the first week, I went from making like $1,500 per episode to making $11,000 per episode — in a week,” Hernandez explained. “I didn’t ask for them to bump me up, they bumped me up.”

Additionally, she explained that at the start of the show’s second season, she was making $15,000 per episode.

“And then, like, by the end of second season, I went up to like $20,000 (an episode) … they just kept bumping me up,” she continued. “They was just throwing money at me, they was like, ‘We don’t want her not to come to work,’ so I didn’t have to have no lawyer come and renegotiate the contract or anything, they would just bump me up. They did that for years.”

Ultimately, Hernandez shared that on her final season of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ she earned $50,000 per episode. Before concluding her statements, she explained that if she goes to film a show now, she can earn around $1.5 million to $2 million.

Looking back, the 36-year-old even added that she may have been the highest-earning cast member on the show between 2012-2017. Furthermore, Hernandez even asserted that she is the “number one reality TV star paid right now.”

Also, be sure to tune into Joseline Hernandez’s ‘Stepping Into The Shade Room’ episode below!


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