#Roommates, the judge presiding in Kodak Black’s case has been banned from “all matters involving criminal court.”

According to reports, Broward County senior Judge Joel Lazarus was caught making controversial comments on an open microphone in court. “I’ll double the bond to those that take place in my neighborhood,” he said on an open mic. “Closer to my house, the higher the bond… That was always Lazarus’ rule.”

The judge was reportedly referring to a case involving a burglary that apparently happened near his home.

The incident was broadcast live on the internet and some people in the courtroom voiced that his statements were “un-judge like, unprofessional and unethical.” In response, Lazarus said he was only joking. “People say things in jest all the time,” he explained. “It was unfortunate. I shouldn’t have said it. … There was no action taken on it.”

Chief Judge Jack Tuter said the remarks were “clearly inappropriate” and informed him that he’d now be banned from all matters involving criminal court.


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