The Game has pretty much tried everything he could to get out of paying that $7 million judgment to a former contestant on his dating show, who claimed the rapper sexually assaulted her by reaching up in her dress and grabbing her butt and vagina. The rapper recently requested a new trial over the massive judgment and the judge shot it right down and let The Game have it, in the most professional way, according to The Blast.
Priscilla Rainey says she hasn’t seen a dime from the 2015 judgment. The Game’s defense is that the judgment is extremely high and that there isn’t enough evidence to back up the hefty verdict.
The judge wasn’t here for The Game’s plea and didn’t hold back in his response.
“Whether the jury’s verdict was against the weight of the evidence is not a close question,” the judge wrote. “Rainey’s testimony alone would have formed a sufficient basis for the verdict. Smith’s testimony regarding Rainey’s demeanor immediately following the incident, coupled with the video showing Taylor’s failure to deny her allegations when she confronted him on the bus, served as unnecessary icing on the cake.”
The judge said that the judgment was not out of the norm and said that the “the unauthorized touching of a woman’s vagina and other intimate areas is a reprehensible act, particularly when done in front of a crowd of onlookers.”
He continued, “The court has already reviewed Taylor’s vile responses to Rainey’s initial effort on the tour bus to discuss the battery (“What you can do is be a woman and shut up”; “Get off this bus before you get your ass strangled”; “I’ll f**king choke your a** up”), and to her filing this lawsuit (“other ‘Tranny Panty’ activity in her past that makes this false claim irrelevant”), which confirm that a punitive damages award is eminently reasonable.”
The judge said no to a new trial and ordered the judgment to stand as is.