Brittish Williams: Judge Rules On Delayed Prison Surrender

UPDATE: Judge Reportedly Rules On Brittish Williams’ Request To Delay Her Prison Surrender

A federal judge has reportedly ruled on Brittish Williams‘ recent request for a delayed prison surrender date. As The Shade Room previously reported, pled guilty to 15 criminal charges earlier this year.

In October, the former ‘Basketball Wives’ star was sentenced to four years in prison. However, earlier this month, Williams requested to have her prison surrender date pushed back from December 11 as she also works to appeal her sentence.

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More Details Regarding The Judge’s Recent Ruling

According to RadarOnline, a federal judge granted Williams’ motion for an extended prison surrender date. However, the outlet does not disclose when the motion was granted.

Additionally, the federal judge has allowed Williams to delay her surrender until Wednesday, January 3, 2024. According to the outlet, Williams initially requested a January 11, 2024, prison surrender date.

Brittish Williams’ Original Request To The Judge

As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams was expected to surrender to a federal prison on December 11. However, the former reality star reportedly filed a “last-minute” motion to postpone that date.

In her filing, Williams reportedly explained that she wanted to spend the additional time with her 5-year-old daughter, Dash. Also, the mother alleged that she needed time to consolidate her daughter’s new living arrangements with her grandmother.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Dash will reportedly live with William’s mother during her prison sentence.

Additionally, Williams alleged that she needed time to prepare Dash for the “upcoming transition.”

“Ms. Williams and her mother have been working to find the necessary place. They believe that she will be able to move in by the end of December. A little more time is needed to get a suitable living space for them. They have been working on it. They will not need more than a 30-day extension to get all of these issues finalized,” Williams’ lawyer reportedly explained, per RadarOnline.

The Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Recently Opened Up About Her Fraud Charges

As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams most recently opened up about her criminal charges during an exclusive interview with Carlos King. The pair’s sit down was published on Monday, December 11, and opened up with Williams detailing her gambling addiction.

“Horrible. Like when you think about people being on drugs or being alcoholics, I don’t think there’s anything worse than gambling,” Williams told King. “I had a gambling problem that was so bad, I don’t even understand how no one knew.”

Additionally, Williams revealed the action that led to her being charged with five counts of misuse of a social security number. To note, the former reality star has also been charged with four counts of bank fraud, and three counts of making false statements to the IRS.

Williams explained that in an effort to rebuild her credit, she utilized a CPN. According to Experian, a CPN is a Credit Privacy Number formatted like a Social Security Number (SSN).

However, using a CPN number is illegal as it employs other individuals’ Social Security Numbers to pose a “false credit identity.”

“It’s like they give you a Social Security Number and then you build the Social Security number up,” Williams told King. “So when people see this ‘misuse of a Social Security number,’ they think I went and stole people’s Social Security numbers or something. But that wasn’t the case — I bought a CPN from a credit lady and I don’t know if it was someone’s actual SSN or it was something they created. I don’t know, but that’s where that came from.”

Watch Williams’ full sentiments below.



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