Julia Fox Speaks On Nearly Killing Drug Dealer After Friend OD'd

Julia Fox Speaks On Nearly Killing Drug Dealer After Friend’s Overdose: ‘I’m Glad I Didn’t Kill Him’

Recently, Julia Fox revealed that—at one point—she was determined to get revenge against a drug dealer, as she blamed him for her friend’s overdose.

Julia Previously Said She’s ‘Pro Women Killing Men’ If He ‘Deserves It’

The matter came up during her recent interview with Elle, and it’s actually related to an admission she made during sit-down on Ziwe.

During her appearance on the hilarious Showtime production, the subject of killing men came up. Upon host Ziwe Fumodoh asking if Julia is “pro women killing men,” she didn’t hold back with her answer.

“I think that if the man deserves it, yeah, why not? Men kill women all the time for no reason.”

She was asked to further elaborate on her answer during her conversation with Elle, and Julia revealed that—at one point—she actually considered killing someone, and it’s related to her friend overdosing.

She Tracked Down The A Drug Dealer Who She Thought Was Responsible

Julia explained that, after her close friend OD’d, she stalked the neighborhood with a gun trying to hunt him down.

“I would literally, like, sit across the street in my car, put the seat all the way down, and watch him through the little side mirror for hours, like coming and going.”

However, as it turns out, Julia later discovered that her friend’s overdose was likely due to “a combination of things in her body.” As a result, she declared, “I’m glad I didn’t kill him.”

Julia Fox Has Been Open About The Hardships Of Addiction

While on the subject, we should point out that Julia has openly addressed some past hardships she’s faced as a result of addiction.

Last year, Azealia Banks put Julia’s past drug use on blast via social media, and she went as far as to call her son “a crackbaby.”

In response, Julia spoke on how she’s “been open about [her] recovery.” She also acknowledged that addiction is “a real f**king disease.”

Fox went on to dismiss Azealia as a “troll” and note that she’s on a mission to “destigmatize” addiction.

“I’m open about my issues with addiction because I want to destigmatize it! Not all addicts are ‘junkies.’ That is so horrible to say. It’s a real f**king disease. And I’ve also been open about my recovery journey!! But nobody wants to mention that right… If this troll says one more thing about my parenting or my son… I was too nice to her cuz I felt sorry for her but now I realize there’s a reason why she spends all the holidays alone. Nobody wants that energy sis!!!”

What are your thoughts on Julia Fox’s commentary?


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