K. Michelle Addresses Her Butt Falling Out Of Place In Viral Video

K. Michelle Addresses Her Butt Falling Out Of Place In Viral Video

K. Michelle is not happy with people making light of her botched plastic surgery after a viral video of her on IG Live showed her butt falling out of place.

In the video, K. Michelle is dancing for her fans on IG Live when it appears her backside starts to do some unauthorized movement. She grabbed at her bottom before abruptly ending the livestream.

The clip of that moment has since gone viral and people on social media had their run with it until she fired off a series of tweets Wednesday morning that expressed how she didn’t appreciate people making her the butt of the joke.

She reminded people that the cosmetic procedures she underwent nearly killed her.

“So the video of me dancing is sad that I even have 2explain. I walked y’all through how difficult this process of removing silicone from my body for 3YEARS/16 surgeries. Did we not forget I almost died due 2this?????? Now I’m in the process of 3 reconstruction steps,” K. Michelle’s first tweet read.

“What u saw in the video was a happy woman with a faja and my extra fat! I’ve been very open so I can heal ladies. I didn’t have to tell anybody and I could’ve covered up until the process was done, but NO. Ladies need to see and hear the truth. I decided to use my platform to help.”

She specifically called out Back women for making fun of their own.

“I haven’t bothered anyone I’ve been out of the way so What I don’t understand is what was the purpose or what was so entertaining about a woman FINALLY bein able 2walk again with EXTRA fat from the removal,I saw the comments and of course it was Black women filled with so much hate,” K tweeted.

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