Kaiser Permanente Is Doing An Investigation After Video Captures Karen

Kaiser Permanente Is Doing An Investigation After Viral Video Captures Hispanic Karen Racially Profiling A Black Man Outside Of Walmart

Here we go again. The “Karen’s” are outside and cuttin’ up, and it’s all getting caught on camera. After an incident in a New Jersey Victoria’s Secret store went viral, another video has popped up of an incident in Southern California with a Hispanic “Karen” being racist, loud, and wrong. Unfortunately, today a Black man shared his experience with a Karen who racially profiled him at a Walmart in Moreno Valley.

In a video he shared to his Tik Tok, YaShear Bryant explains the moments leading up to the interaction before it was caught on camera. He said that the woman who was identified as Liz, who wore a Kaiser Permanente shirt, began harassing him by following him inside of the Walmart while he was shopping because Liz’s son lost his phone. She accused YaShear of having it in his possession. He claimed that Liz followed him for about 20 mins, making him so uncomfortable that he left his cart with the items he planned on purchasing and exited the store.

While leaving the store, he said that Liz followed him into the parking lot, and while he searched for his car for about 15 minutes, Liz arrived at his car before he did. As he started recording the incident, YaShear started speaking to another person who wasn’t on camera, explaining what happened. He told the other person how he told Liz that he didn’t have her son’s phone and only had his phone, money, and ID. Chile, Liz tried to explain herself, which seemed to make the matter worse, and ended up threatening to call the police. YaShear was fed up and walked back inside the Walmart, where Liz followed and complained to a store manager about the incident. Shortly after, her son exited the store appearing with his phone in his hand, and instead of apologizing to YaShear, the woman and her son stepped back inside the store.

As the video continues to spread online, it appears to have also gotten the Medical provider’s attention, Kaiser Permanente, who is believed to be Liz’s employer. The organization responded, “Thank you for sharing this. This video has been brought to our attention, and we are actively investigating it. The conduct in this video does not in any way reflect the views or beliefs of Kaiser Permanente.”

YaShear said that he planned on pressing charges against the woman but claims that the police won’t help, neither will the local Riverside bar association. While speaking to YaShear, he advised that he needs the people of power to help him reach a lawyer.

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