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Kanye West Reportedly Asked His Campaign Staff To Not Have Sexual Relations Outside Marriage

Kanye West has some stranger than usual requests for the people working to get him into the White House. In what may be a reflection of his recent spiritual journey, Ye reportedly asked his campaign aides to “refrain from ‘fornicating’ outside of marriage,” according to a report from the New York Times.

The details came from a behind-the-scenes look at Kanye’s presidential campaign and the people he’s hired to help him get elected.

According to the report, Kanye’s main topic of discussion in regard to his White House run was abortion. Kanye has made it clear he does not support abortion and while he isn’t necessarily calling to ban the procedure in the U.S., Ye does have some alternative ideas.

Kanye claims he wants to create “stipends for families that need support” and “orphanages that are really high-level desirable for people to go to,” as well as “the redesign of communities and cities in general to be supporting of families.”

Kanye also mentioned something called Birthday Lake, which is described as an “eco-village” where visitors are said to “safely experience pregnancy and birth,” according to Complex.

At one point during the interview, it’s said that Kanye was “upset” after publicly calling for a live Times interview regarding a meeting he had with Jared Kushner. Kanye allegedly demanded that the Times editor be part of a live interview with him on Zoom,” according to the Times report. 

“I’m Kanye, who are you?” Kanye is said to have asked. “I’m the head of everything.” During the same Zoom session, Ye is said to have asked if “anyone at your magazine” believes in Jesus Christ.

Kanye continues his presidential run after his big announcement in July. While he has struggled to get on the ballot in some states, in others he has seen success even though many believe it’s a longshot for Kanye, who he himself has asked about delaying his presidential run until 2024.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any updates.



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