LISTEN: Keke Palmer’s Mom Goes OFF On Darius Daulton Jackson During Phone Call

For the last week, Keke Palmer and Darius Daulton Jackson have been at odds in the public light. Their domestic and parental conflict has family members, from brothers to mothers, stepping in. This week, Keke’s mom is receiving mixed reactions after celebrity bloggers DJ Akademiks and Armon Wiggins released an audio of her going off on Darius.

This comes amid the actress having full custody of her son Leodis and a temporary restraining order against his father. The former pair, who reportedly split in October, will return to court next month for an update on the orders.

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The final straw for Keke appeared to be on Nov. 5 when Darius allegedly trespassed into her home in search of his son. His unwelcome visit allegedly led to a verbal dispute between them before Darius attempted to wrestle Keke’s phone out of her hands as she sat on a couch.

Keke’s Mom Insults Darius, Sarunas Jackson & Their Mother In A Heated Call

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that sources close to Jackson deny he’s abusive — as Keke detailed in her court petitions. The sources added that things went left on Nov. 5 after Darius arrived to pick up Leo for a football Sunday viewing, but the infant allegedly wasn’t home.

At some point during his and Keke’s interaction, she got Sharon on the phone. TMZ’s sources say Darius attempted to snatch Keke’s phone after her mother threatened to “put a bullet” in his head.

The audio leaked by Armon Wiggins gives an insight into what Keke’s mom said to Darius after the alleged bullet comment. It appears that Darius was secretly recording Sharon going off on speaker as Keke added comments in between.

Sarunas Jackson, Darius’ older brother and “Insecure” star, previously hinted that this audio of Sharon existed.

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At the beginning of the leaked audio, Sharon insults Darius’ articulation, saying, “It’s probably the reason [Darius] can’t get an acting job.” Keke clarified to her mother that Darius alleged Sharon “sacrificed” her to make her a child star.

“But what did your mama do to you? She f**ked you up. You coulda been a child entertainer. Maybe you would have more gumption…cause your mama f**ked you up. She turned you into a p**k a** mama’s boy who harasses a woman? What kinda bullshit is that? Your mama should be ashamed of herself,” Keke’s mom said.

Darius then alleged that Keke Palmer was the person who wanted “to come back around.” However, Keke’s mom maintained that he’s been harassing her, as the actress agreed.

Keke Palmer Tells Darius He Has A “Chemical Imbalance” And Needs “Help”

Part of Darius’ alleged harassment has been him allegedly sending her photos of Usher and calling her a “c*nt” and “jezebel.” This highlights the first time Leo’s father came under public fire this past summer. Palmer tells Darius in the audio that such actions are “unnecessary.”

“You do all that unnecessarily because something’s wrong with your mind. It’s not normal. You sound like you have a broken brain, and you need to go see somebody because you’re chemically imbalanced,” Keke told Darius in the audio.

In July, he “mom-shamed” Keke Palmer for an outfit she wore to an Usher concert, suggesting she should’ve worn more clothes. He made this same point in the newly released audio. Adding that Keke should put some clothes on. But before that, Keke told Darius that there’s no reason he should be “holding on” to the Usher outfit disagreement.

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Palmer said Darius harasses her for “an hour straight” over such past issues. Keke’s mom added that now she’s going to harass Darius, repeatedly calling him “stupid.”

Sharon also called Sarunas a Hollywood “f**kboy” with a bad reputation and said Lauren London doesn’t the actor.

“At the end of the day, you, the Jacksons are a f**king joke ,” Keke’s mom said. “You guys are f**king jokes…so don’t blame Keke for being a joke. You was a joke before you met her. Don’t call her c**t. And what man thinks they gon call the mother of their child c**t, b*****s, wh**e you been run through but I’m going to come and get the baby? What kind of mental motherf**ker are you? Nobody does that Darius?”

The audio continues for another four minutes with heated commentary and sexual accusations from Keke’s mom. At one point, she’s yelling on the call, saying Darius awakened the “b***h in [her],” and he claims to have seen that side at least “twenty times before,” making him unphased.

Listen to the full audio here

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