Kelly Rowland Doubles Down On Defending Chris Brown, 'Everybody Deserves Grace, Period'

Kelly Rowland Doubles Down On Defending Chris Brown, ‘Everybody Deserves Grace, Period’

Kelly Rowland is doubling down and proclaiming that Chris Brown deserves to be forgiven for past wrongs.

On Monday, TMZ caught up with Kelly in West Hollywood, California, and asked about her experience at the 2022 American Music Awards (AMAs). Specifically, the interviewer was interested in getting more details on Kelly’s support of Chris, who won in the Favorite Male R&B Artist category despite having his Michael Jackson tribute canceled.

While accepting the award on Breezy’s behalf, Kelly lauded the “Ayo” singer with praise after putting a disgruntled crowd in check.

“I want to tell Chris, thank you so much for making great R&B music, and I want to tell him thank you for being an incredible performer. I’ll take this award [and] bring it to you. I love you. Congratulations, and congratulations to all the nominees in this category.”

Twitter Had Mixed Reactions To Kelly Showing Chris Love

After Kelly publicly stood by Breezy at the AMAs, people swiftly began sharing their thoughts on the matter. Fans have debated on their support of Breezy since the 2009 incident when Chris Brown physically assaulted his then girlfriend, Rihanna, sending shockwaves through social media. While many were outraged, some were supportive of the “Kisses Down Low” singer’s stance.

Kelly Thinks Breezy Deserves Another Chance

Now, Kelly is elaborating on her comments about Chris and straight-up declaring that he, like everyone else, deserves grace.

The artist began by sharing that people need to be more grateful and less critical.

“I believe that grace is very real and we all need a dose of it. And before we point fingers at anybody, we should realize how grateful we are for every moment that we get. Even for our own things that we have.”


She further explained that humans are going to make mistakes, and they should be allowed to grow and better themselves. Kelly also outright said, “Everybody deserves grace, period.”

“I just think it’s important to be humans, we are humans. We all need to be forgiven for anything that we could be doing, anything that we’re thinking. We all came up short in some way and grace is real. We are humans, and everybody deserves grace, period.”

Rihanna Previously Revealed That She Forgives Chris Brown

While on the subject, we should note that Rihanna herself has expressed forgiveness over Chris’s 2009 assault on her.

During a 2020 episode of Oprah’s Super Soul podcast, Oprah Winfrey unveiled a 2012 interview between her and the “Lift Me Up” singer.

Rihanna spoke on her relationship with Chris during the sit-down. At the time, she said that they were “very close friends” who still had love for each other.

“We’ve been working on our friendship again. Now, we’re very, very close friends. We’ve built up a trust again…We love each other, and we probably always will. And that’s not something we’re ever going to change. That’s not something you can shut off, if you’ve ever been in love.”

She continued, noting that she forgave Breezy because she “cared about him still” and wanted to move on with life.

“I truly love him. So, the main thing for me is that he’s at peace…I thought I hated Chris, and I realized it was love was tarnished. It looked like hate because it was ugly, angry, it was inflamed, it was tainted. And I realized that what it was is I had to forgive him because I cared about him still. And the minute I let go of that, I started living again.”

Do you believe people should give Chris Brown grace? Also, what do you think about Kelly Rowland going out of her way to stand by him?


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