Kenya Barris Accused Of Having 'Biracial Obsession' Ahead Of 'You People' Film

Kenya Barris Accused Of Having ‘Biracial Obsession’ Ahead Of ‘You People’ Film

Twitter had some words for Kenya Barris ahead of an upcoming project called You People.

The film, which is co-written by Barris and Jonah Hill, appears to focus on the subject of interracial relationships. This was suggested by a promotional teaser that Netflix shared on Monday, as Hill plays an awkward white man trying to win the approval of his Black girlfriend’s father, who is played by Eddie Murphy.

In addition to Hill and Murphy, the film features other big-name stars like Nia Long, Lauren London, and Mike Epps.

Twitter Users Find The Project Redundant & Go In On Kenya Barris

As the teaser started gaining traction online, many people began to side-eye the entire movie.

Kenya was largely slammed for his role in creating the film, as it was widely alleged that he only spearheads projects centered on interracial relationships and biracial identities. He was even accused of having a “biracial obsession.”

Some went as far as to claim Kenya “needs to seek help” and pursue inner healing.

There was also a bit of confusion surrounding Lauren London being cast as the biological daughter of Eddie Murphy and Nia Long’s characters.

Comparisons between You People and earlier projects like Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Guess Who, which respectively premiered in 1967 and 2005, were also drawn.

On top of people criticizing Kenya, Jonah caught some smoke, too! In fact, one user went as far as to tweet, “no Black woman would willing date Jonah Hill.” Talk about being out of pocket!

Ultimately, the buzz surrounding Kenya and You People got the film trending on Twitter. However, it may not have been for the most ideal reason.

The film is scheduled to premiere on January 27, 2023.

What do you think about the criticism levied against Kenya Barris, and will you be watching You People?


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