Kevin Gates Stuns Yung Miami While Discussing Sex With His Cousin

Kevin Gates Stuns Yung Miami After Discussing Sex With His Cousin In Podcast Teaser

Kevin Gates and biting his tongue don’t make a match! The rapper’s book has been open for the last few weeks regarding his personal life. This includes telling the world he lied on his song dedicated to Dreka Gates right after he spent some quality time with former Love & Hip-Hop cast member Jojo Zarur. But he really hasn’t held back when it comes to his bedroom activities–the freaky deeky kind! He let loose on the teaser for the second episode of Yung Miami’s Caresha Please. 

On Wednesday, Miami’s team released the teaser video. Kevin is seen answering multiple questions–most of them sexual. But the one that stuck with the internet today was this previously shared story of having sex with his cousin. Off-rip Yung Miami dove into the tale, asking, “did you really f**k your cousin.” Kevin, with some apparent enthusiasm, seemingly told Miami the whole story.


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However, viewers got less than 15 seconds of that conversation, given that the teaser was only 54 seconds long. In the clip, Kevin explains that a woman revealed he was bumping private parts with his cousin. Still, the revelation didn’t keep him from going some more rounds!

Shocking But Not New! Kevin Admitted To Sexing His Cousin In 2015

Though the internet got stuck on Kevin’s raw “I ain’t bout to stop” attitude about the cousin humping, the story isn’t new. The rapper first went public with this lil’ story in 2015 during a TMZ Live session. During that time, he revealed the woman who pointed out the incestual relationship was his grandmother.

And here’s the kii–Kevin and his family dated from 2006 until 2008 after finding out they were related about three to four months into dating. Even all these years since 2015, Kevin seemingly still has the same attitude about sexing his cousin.

“Let me be honest with you. My grandmother taught me this, if you’re doing something you’re ashamed of, you ain’t got no business doing it,” Kevin said.

The rest of the Caresha Please teaser focused entirely on Kevin’s sexual escapades. He once again commented on his tongue-in-the-butt activities. Kevin brought this same energy to the freestyle track Super General. While part of the freestyle spoke on Dreka and lying to the world, the other half revealed Kevin’s sexual desires for Rubi Rose and married women Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj.

“Rubi Rose, I can’t wait to have your feet facing my ceilin’/ With my tongue deep in yo’ a** while I kiss all on yo’ kitty/ Put that d**k deep in yo’ back and have you c*m all on this missile/Put yo’ hands behind yo’ back and smack yo’ a**, I’m in yo’ kidneys,” Kevin rapped.”

As for Beyoncè, he expressed wanting to make her “piss all on” his penis as her body shivers. However, he kept Nicki’s sexual shoutout a little cleaner, saying only, “…she need Kevin, she still playin’ around with Kenneth,” referencing the rapper’s husband.

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