Kevin Hart has been putting in work lately and has certainly made his mark in Hollywood. His career has taken him to new heights as he’s starred in films like Think Like A Man, Criminal Intelligence and Secret Life of Pets and it’s paid off in a major way!
According to the Forbes annual ranking of highest paid comedians, Hart leads the pack with $87.5 million earned between June 2015 and June 2016, officially dethroning the legendary Jerry Seinfeld! Since 2006, Seinfeld has always claimed the top spot and his earning over the past 10 years have topped $900 million. This year, however, he only made out with $43.5 million.


“The reason for Hart’s dominance is simple: He tours like no other comedian. In the 12 month period, Hart played over 100 shows with an average gross of over $1 million at each stop. And these shows aren’t at dingy comedy clubs; Hart played stadiums and arenas, including Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center. Because the stand-up comedian’s set requires little more than a stool, water bottle and microphone, he takes home a larger cut of that gross than most rock stars would would.”

Hart’s earnings also earned him the #6 spot on Forbes Celebrity 100 list. We have a feeling that he’ll remain on top for a while…

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