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Kevin Hart & His Security Involved In Strip Club Scuffle That Left A Waitress Broke…And Pissed!



When you go to a strip club, there’s ass in your face, so what is there to argue about? 
You can ask your boy, Kevin Hart! He was at strip club in Quebec called Le Pigale this past weekend and upon exiting the club, his security allegedly and aggressively pushed people to the side so that the comedian could get through.

 Let’s be real though. The shade is that Kevin is a small guy and judging from the video, his security guards are huge, compared to him. So, I am deeming their actions super unnecessary.   

Anyway, the club’s even bigger security guards were not here for this, so they pushed back, and then all hell broke loose! Kevin, who you can see is lost in the sea of entitled fans, eventually made eye contact with a fan who was recording the exchange. Don’t you know that Kevin grabbed that man’s phone and threw it? He could have hit someone in the knee! So rude. 
All while the scuffle going on, Kevin was also trying to avoid the waitress that he had allegedly skipped out on, and he managed to climb into his SUV just in time. Miss Blondie was bold, though. She marched up to Kevin’s car and pleaded with the driver, but they paid her dust, honey. 

This girl did not get one coin. The bill was only $65, so I don’t know why it wasn’t paid, but the manager of Le Pigale insists that Kevin is a good guy and that the bill will be taken care of. 
It must be nice to be a celebrity! It seems like Christopher Columbus day everyday.
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