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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Reportedly Working With Donald Trump To Get A$AP Rocky Released From Swedish Jail

Roommates, A$AP Rocky has been in Swedish jail for about two weeks, with no signs of him being released any time soon. However, it looks like there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

According to TMZ, Donald Trump is aware of A$AP’s imprisonment, and is allegedly working to get him released with the help of Kim Kardashian and #KanyeWest.

Sources tell TMZ Kim and Kanye recently took a trip to The White House, lobbying for Donnie to get involved in A$AP’s case. Prosecutors have yet to determine whether to not he should charged with aggravated assault, and have no plans of releasing him until they do.

Donnie’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is allegedly spearheading the effort as Kanye allegedly convinced Kim to call him up and explain the situation.

TMZ says once Kim and Kanye heard abut A$AP’s legal troubles, Kanye urged Kim to speak to Kushner. Kimmy and Jared reportedly have a close relationship, as they have worked together on previous White House work.

Jared allegedly takes the new information to Donnie, who allegedly believes “A$AP is being treated unfairly, and wants to help.”

As we previously reported, A$AP was arrested in Sweden about two weeks back after a spat with a Swedish citizen was caught on camera. Apparently, the man, who can be seen speaking with A$AP’s security, had been following and harassing the rapper and his entourage.

It is unclear exactly what happened, but other clips show the conversation coming to blows. Unfortunately, that has led to A$AP being behind bars.

Since his arrest, A$AP has had to cancel various bookings, and celebrities have taken to social media in a campaign to get him released.

Multiple reports have come out saying A$AP could be living in unbearable, and horrific conditions in jail. However, these reports have not yet been confirmed.

We do know for sure A$AP will be behind bars until prosecutors make a decision on his behalf.

Stay with us as this story continues to develop, Roomies!


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