Kim Kardashian Stuns Social Media With Tour Of Her Massive Walk-In Refrigerator, Home Frozen Yogurt Machine & Wall-To-Wall Pantry

Kim Kardashian Stuns Social Media With Tour Of Her Massive Walk-In Refrigerator, Home Frozen Yogurt Machine & Wall-To-Wall Pantry

Kim Kardashian is well-known for clapping back at her haters and shutting down rumors surrounding her family. This time, she decided to add a major flex to her clap back by giving a tour of her massive kitchen after she was accused of not having any food in her home.

Earlier this week, some people were calling Kim Kardashian out for not having enough food in her home after she posted a selfie showing her seemingly bare refrigerator. Well, as she is known to do, Kimmy came through with the receipts—and left plenty of jaws on the floor in the process.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Kim posted a message about all the refrigerator questions, writing “I saw a bunch of comments from people wondering how I feed my 4 children and since you guys are dying to know, here’s a little peek inside our main fridge filled with lots of fruits and veggies!” Then she started the tour and no one was expecting it to be the size of some people’s entire apartments.

Kim started off the tour with a look at her large wall-to-wall pantry, featuring practically everything you could ever need. She explained it, saying “So you’ll come into my pantry… I got rid of all my plastic so it’s all like glass jars.” She also made a quick stop to give a sneak peek at her in-house frozen yogurt machine complete with just about every topping you could want.

Next came a tour of her refrigerator just for her drinks, stating “I got rid of all plastic bottles, so I just have this for right now… It’s just my drink fridge.” Kim also explained that the drink fridge is where she keeps all of her “fresh juices” and “fresh water,” as well as several types of milk because as she says, “all my kids use a different kind of milk, you guys.”

However, she saved the best for last. Kim’s final stop on her kitchen tour was a jaw-dropping walk-in refrigerator that is similar in size to what you would see inside a restaurant.

She described the incredible space in full details, saying “However, let me show you something. This is the kitchen where it all happens. And guys, I have a walk-in refrigerator where we keep all of our fresh, organic produce.”

Kim continued the tour, adding:

“So it did look like an empty refrigerator that I took the photo in front of, I have to admit. But this is our big main refrigerator, guys. I also have another pantry. Because this is the kitchen that we cook in. Then if you want a little more chaos, with tons of oat milk and almond milk, you have this refrigerator. Okay? And then our freezer, I didn’t even show you guys our other freezer. There you have it, guys.”

Ahh, it must be nice.


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