King Harris Catches Backlash After Offering Unhoused Man $50 To Participate In Controversial ‘One Chip Challenge’

Despite Paqui pulling its “One Chip Challenge” products following the death of a Massachusetts teen, it looks like King Harris T.I. and Tiny‘s 19-year-old son — got his hands on one of the extra-spicy chips and paid an unhoused man to consume it.

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The Roomies React To King Harris’ Video: “Homeless People Aren’t Your Entertainment”

In a video that was recently shared on social media, King presented a homeless man with one of the infamous chips and promised him $50 if he could go five minutes consuming it without quenching the burn.

As the man eats the chip, King Harris and other bystanders look on in amazement. While he chews, King tells him, “Open your mouth when you swallow it.”

Shortly thereafter, the man reaches to open a bottle of water, though King declares, “You can’t drink it yet, though! You gotta wait five minutes.”

The unhoused man then groans and jumps up and down as he tries to fight the urge to drink the water. Someone off-camera notes, “He crying!”

The man eventually has to drink the water, and King declares that he “lost.” However, he notes he still “gave him a $20.”

Peep the footage down below.

Beneath The Shade Room‘s upload about the situation, people tore into King.

One Roomie going by @daniellejoliee stated, “It’s sad watching this child who had a life of privilege self-destruct.”

Another person with the username @gifted_hustler focused on the larger issue by penning, “These folks really starting to piss me off. Homeless people aren’t your entertainment. Tf. Better humble yourselves.”

As for @liittlebiit, she declared, “T.I. & Tiny need to come get their son. Like why would u treat a homeless person like that?”

Paqui Pulled The Product After A 14-Year-Old Passed Away

In addition to the general outrage over King’s conduct, it’s worth noting that this development follows a Massachusetts teen losing his life shortly after participating in the Paqui “One Chip Challenge.”

As The Shade Room reported, Harris Wolobah ate one of the Paqui products at his high school, and the school nurse later sent him home after fainting. Later that same day, Wolobah passed away, though his exact cause of death hasn’t been determined.

In the wake of the tragedy, Paqui was hit with backlash, and the brand eventually decided to pull the products from shelves while noting that it “continues to adhere to safety standards.”

It’s also worth noting that Chicago-bred rapper Lil Reese recently landed in some similar backlash after recording a video of himself laughing as a bystander poured water on an unhoused man, as The Shade Room reported.

He later issued an apology and pledged to do better before sharing a video of himself providing various homeless people with money.

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