Kodak Black and his legal team are looking to grill three sheriff deputies who were part of the cavalry of law enforcement that raided his home and allegedly left his 2-year-old son out in the cold while they ransacked the house.

#KodakBlack and his legal team aren’t playing any games because they wanna put three of the officers on the chopping block and grill the hell out of them.

According to Blast, during the raid his 2-year-old son was allegedly left outside while the house was getting ransacked. Police claim they raided Kodak’s house after seeing a video of on social media with his infant son near narcotics and guns.

Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, claims that the police is basically full of it because they didn’t show up to his house until five days later! His attorney feels like if the police were genuinely concerned about the welfare of his son they would have came sooner.

His attorney also wants to bring into question the safety and the welfare of the child that they claim was their priority.

“Why was the boy left out in the cold in nothing but a diaper” while the house was being searched?

He spoke exclusively with The Blast and said he was “left on the porch in a diaper and T-shirt staring at his father while he was in handcuffs, and did not get pants or shoes until Kodak’s legal team showed up and demanded the child be taken care of.”

His attorney also said the visit to Kodak’s house was supposed to be a probation check by local authorities but instead it was a crew full of police with assault rifles and masks.

The three deputies are due in court on February 8.

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