Kysre Gondrezick Denies She Was Assaulted By Kevin Porter Jr.

UPDATE: Kysre Gondrezick Denies She Was Assaulted By Kevin Porter Jr. Amid His Trade From The Houston Rockets

Kevin Porter Jr.’s ex-girlfriend, Kysre Gondrezick, is denying he assaulted her during a dispute in their New York City hotel room in September. As The Shade Room previously reported, Porter Jr. was initially charged with second and third-degree assault and second-degree strangulation following the alleged incident. However, Manhattan prosecutors have since dropped the second-degree assault charge as it was determined the basketball player did not fracture a vertebra in Gondrezick’s neck during the alleged dispute.

Gondrezick’s comments regarding the incident arrived amid the NBA player being traded from the Houston Rockets on Tuesday.

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Editor’s Note: This article was updated on Oct. 18 to reflect an additional statement shared by Kysre Gondrezick via Instagram after initial publishing.

Kysre Gondrezick Denies Being Assaulted By Kevin Porter Jr.

The 26-year-old former WNBA player spoke exclusively with the New York Post on Tuesday. Gondrezick expressed that her “injuries don’t support any” of the “claims” against Porter Jr.

Additionally, Gondrezick reportedly cited the “inaccuracies” in reports regarding Porter Jr.’s alleged actions to “the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and cops.”

“My injuries don’t support any of those claims,” Gondrezick told the outlet. “He didn’t hit me. He never balled his fists up and hit me, and he definitely didn’t punch me in the face numerous times. That is a lie. I don’t have any injuries to support that.”

Gondrezick alleged that the District Attorney’s office did not “wait to interview her” after the incident. Or obtain “her full medical records” before releasing “details of the alleged attack” and her injuries.

“It happened very fast, not to the degree of what was reported,” the 26-year-old explained to the outlet. “And it was an argument that occurred in the room for not even 10 seconds.”

The former WNBA player explained to the outlet that she and her lawyer have given the DA’s office “numerous opportunities to come clean” and “fix false information.” However, Gondrezick alleges that the office has “yet to do so.”

“My privacy, or my relationship, shouldn’t be publicized to catapult careers,” she told the outlet.

Additionally, her attorney, Robert Hantman, shared that he and Gondrezick are working to “clarify the record” with the DA’s office.

“It shouldn’t be dramatized just because he’s a basketball player, she is a basketball player and they are a celebrity-type couple,” Hantman told the New York Post.

Furthermore, the 26-year-old also denied reports that Porter Jr. has a “history of abuse” against her.

Gondrezick also shared that she hasn’t been in contact with Porter Jr. as the instated “full temporary restraining” order was just lifted Monday. When asked about the status of their romantic relationship, Gondrezick explained that she and Porter Jr. are no longer dating.

Additionally, the 26-year-old also shared her present thoughts on reconciling with Porter Jr.

“I am not in a position to make that decision right now. I’m just trying to defend my truth and ultimately get my life back and protect my safety,” Gondrezick explained. “This experience only happened to me. It didn’t happen to anyone else.”

The outlet adds that it contacted the DA’s office for a response to Gondrezick’s allegations. Instead of direct comment, the office reportedly pointed to the outcomes of the case’s recent legal proceedings.

At this time, we should note that Gondrezick’s recent statements to the New York Post follow a prior statement issued on her behalf, published by the outlet two days after the alleged incident.

“Ms. Gondrezick wants to express her deep appreciation for the public’s support and prayers. In regards to our client, much that has been written in the press attributing statements to her are misleading and inaccurate. She has not granted nor released any statements on her own volition,” Hantman shared. “She asks everyone to respect her privacy and avoid speculation as to what occurred and refrain from disclosing any misleading statements as to Mr. Porter. She asks that the press and all officials refrain from any judgment and speculation on this matter which will be rectified properly and with integrity. Thank you!”


The Basketball Player Was Traded From The Houston Rockets Earlier This Week

Gondrezick’s interview with the New York Post was published a few hours after ESPN Senior NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski shared a tweet updating the world on Kevin Porter Jr.’s status with the Houston Rockets.

Wojnarowski’s tweet revealed that the Houston Rockets were trading Porter Jr. to the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, instead of Porter Jr. remaining with the Thunder, the team decided to waive his status “immediately,” per AP News.

According to ESPN, the Thunder will pay Porter Jr. the remaining $16.9 million outlined in his contract. However, the decision ultimately makes the 23-year-old a free agent, per the New York Post.

TSR Updates

On the afternoon of October 18, Kysre Gondrezick returned to social media to share an additional statement regarding the allegations against Kevin Porter Jr. Gondrezick explained that she is largely “frustrated” by the DA’s “defamation” of Porter and added that their relationship should not “be used as a headliner for personal gain, engagement and suffering.”

Furthermore, Gondrezick alleged that the DA has since apologized to her for utilizing “quotes during the arraignment” and “reporting false narratives” of events that “never occurred.”

Read Gondrezick’s full statement by swiping below.

A Brief Recap Of The Alleged Incident & Subsequent Case

As The Shade Room previously reported, the alleged incident occurred between Porter Jr. and his ex-girlfriend on September 11. It was initially reported that Porter Jr. hit Gondrezick “several times” with a “closed fist.” Additionally, it was also alleged that Porter Jr. put his “hands around her neck.”

This reportedly caused the 26-year-old to be taken to NYU Langone Medical Center. Gondresick allegedly had a “cut” on her face, bruising, and “substantial pain.” Additionally, it was also reported that the woman was strangled by the 23-year-old. This allegedly left her with a “fracture to one of the vertebrae in her neck.”

From there, Kevin Porter Jr. was arrested and charged with multiple counts of felony assault and strangulation. However, he ultimately paid a bail of $75,000 and was released from police custody.

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Kevin Porter Jr. appeared in court earlier this week. At the hearing, prosecutors opted to drop his second-degree assault, as it had been determined that he did not fracture a vertebra in Gondrezick’s neck.

Prosecutor’s ultimately revealed that the fracture was a congenital, or birth, defect of Gondrezick’s.

At this time, Porter Jr. is expected to reappear in court on November 27. As The Shade Room previously reported, he can be sentenced to up to seven years if convicted of his second-degree strangulation charge.

Outside of the aforementioned charge, he also faces one of third-degree assault.


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