La La Anthony Reveals Lesson She Learned After Marrying Young

La La Anthony Reveals Lesson She Learned After Jumping Into Marriage At A Young Age (Exclusive Video)

On the latest episode of Stepping Into The Shade Room, La La Anthony is talking all about love, life, and parenting with host Thembi.

The multi-talented actress, TV personality mother, and entrepreneur is now single after years of marriage to Carmelo Anthony and now she’s sharing what she’s learned.

Thembi asks the BMF actress what she has learned from love in her life, to which she responds that she wishes she had taken her time more. She then describes their relationship as “heavy.”

I probably would have … I started off really young in, in, in my relationship. And maybe would have tried to [take] my time a little bit more and learn more about love and partnership and marriage. And kind of not just jump right into such a heavy, heavy relationship so quickly.

La La Reveals Her Type Of Man

After reflecting on jumping into marriage a bit early with Carmelo, La La also revealed what her “type” is now that she single.

She and her ex Carmelo had been together for over a decade. They were engaged on Christmas Day in 2004 and married in 2010. The exes had been on and off since first splitting in April 2017.

They have one 15-year-old son, Kiyan Anthony and get along well as coparents according to Anthony.

La La later filed for divorce in June 2021, citing irreconcilable differences. She shared her understanding of what she looks for in a partner after her divorce.

My type … you know what the truth is, I want to be open. Like I don’t want to just have a type, like, I want to be open to maybe a type that I wouldn’t think was my type or something. That’s not the norm when people would expect from me because I think when you are dating, you do have to be open. Because if you have this super checklist, right, then I don’t think you’re gonna find anybody.

The actress also added that she likes unique personalities over having a type of person she goes for while dating.

I mean, definitely, like BE YOURSELF great personality, know how to communicate. That’s, you know, personality is big. Communication is big. Just be honest. I like people who are who they are, like not trying to be something else. Like, I can rock with your respect you have you come to the table as who you are.

Watch the whole episode above.



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