#Roommates, Lamar Odom is coming clean about his past substance abuse and is proving that honesty may be the best policy.

In an interview with the Player’s Tribune, Lamar opened up his day of frequent substance abuse and how it affected his life and marriage. “At that point in my life, I was doing coke every day. Pretty much every second of free time that I had, I was doing coke,” he said. “I couldn’t control it.”

Lamar also revealed he started doing coke at an early age but never thought he would be a frequent user. “I never wanted to touch anything stronger than marijuana,” he added. “I didn’t try [cocaine] until I was 24 years old when I was on summer vacation in Miami. And…I wish I could tell you there was a reason for it. There wasn’t. It was just an asinine decision I made. If I knew that it was going to affect my life the way it did, I would’ve never even thought about it. Never. But I did it. It turned out to be a life-altering decision.”

Lamar went then on to reveal that his drug abuse definitely played a role in his marriage to Khloe Kardashian. There was even a time when his ex-wife walked in on him snorting coke in a motel room with another woman. “First of all I was in a motel. A motel,” he said. “I’m a millionaire. I’d made it out of Jamaica, Queens, and won two NBA titles. And I’m in a motel, with some random person, doing coke. But I just wanted to get high with this girl, and I had no other place to go. I couldn’t take her home. You know, I was being a scumbag. Nothing else I got for that. No excuses. No bulls–t. That’s just the truth.” He added, “My dick and my habit took me down all the roads that you don’t ever wanna go down.”

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