#Roommates, #LamarOdom may no longer be in the NBA, but he’s finding ways to keep busy! According to @USAToday, Lamar is creating a new line of marijuana-infused products for growing markets where weed is legal.
Lamar has been very open about his drug addiction to crack cocaine but believes marijuana helped him with his addiction and really sparked the idea for this new business venture. Lamar insist this won’t hurt his sobriety but rather help him. In fact, he came up with the idea WHILE he was in rehab. In a press release he said: “While going through rehab, I discovered certain strains (of marijuana) that support wellness. So I decided to team up with Camp Green, a company that supplies organically grown, pesticide-free cannabis.”
The name for his new weed business is #RichSoilOrganics and is set to open up later this year in California.