Atlanta Mother Alleges Popeyes Workers Left Her Partially Bald

LAWSUIT: Atlanta Mother Alleges Three Popeyes Workers Left Her Partially Bald For Speaking Out About Incorrect Order

A Georgia mother has filed a lawsuit against a Popeyes location on Cleveland Avenue in southwest Atlanta. According to New York Post, the suit alleges that employees attacked the woman.

Additionally, the lawsuit adds that the attack occurred after the woman attempted to correct her food order.

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Details Regarding The Alleged Assault Against The Atlanta Mother

According to the Atlanta News First, Denetra Dawson was a drive-through customer at the Popeyes location in September 2022. After receiving her order, Dawson noticed it was incorrect and asked staffers to make the necessary adjustments.

She then remained at the drive-through window.

“They come out of the restaurant. She remains in her car. And their objective is to get her to move her car so that they can keep the line moving so that they don’t get in trouble with Popeye’s, their employer,” the case’s attorney, Mawuli Davis, explained.

According to Davis, one of the employees opened Davis’ passenger door, entered her vehicle, and began attacking her.

“One of the employees physically opens her passenger side car door, and enters her vehicle, jumps into her car and begins to attack her. Two other employees, including the manager, open up her car door and they’re all converging on her beating her, punching her, scratching her,” the attorney explained.

Dawson reportedly reflected on the incident afterward, explaining that she didn’t think she would “make it back” to her children.

“I didn’t even think I was going to make it back to my kids. I simply went to get food for my kids, I still don’t understand why me.”

According to New York Post, Dawson was able to defuse the attack by pulling out her firearm.

“The only thing that ends this attack is that Ms. Dawson is able to get access to her purse where she has her licensed firearm. And she’s able to produce that firearm and it’s only after that the assault stops,” the attorney explained.

After, Dawson called the Atlanta police.

The Aftermath Of The Attack & Details Regarding The Recently Filed Lawsuit Against Popeyes

According to New York Post, a woman named Tenice Taylor and a minor have been charged with battery. While a third person, named Tenister Evans, has been charged with “misdemeanor obstruction of an officer.”

During the attack, the group “ripped out” a braid of Dawson’s hair, allegedly “all the way down to the root,” the lawyer explained.

The mother adds that she has been left with physical and emotional distress.

“They took my identity, I take pride in my hair, I can’t get certain hairstyles.”

Furthermore, it has since been discovered that the restaurant failed to complete background checks on the aforementioned suspects. Tenister Evans, the location manager, was reportedly convicted of multiple assaults and “other criminal convictions” over the years.

“This incident is an outrageous example of Popeyes’ failure to prioritize customer safety and well-being. By hiring a manager with a history of violence, Popeyes exhibited a reckless disregard for the safety of their patrons… We are resolute in our commitment to holding the restaurant accountable for their actions and seeking justice for our client.”

According to the outlet, the restaurant has since shared a statement with Fox 5 Atlanta.

“The franchisee of this restaurant confirmed the incident took place in September 2022, and the employees involved were immediately terminated. We cannot share any additional details as there is an active lawsuit related to this incident.”

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