LeBron James says that Donald Trump is using sports to divide the country and he cannot sit back and not say anything about the matter.

During a new interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, James said his actions are not sitting too well with him.

“What I’ve noticed over the past few months, he’s kinda used sports to kinda divide us,” he said, “and that’s something that I can’t relate to. I can’t sit back and say nothing.”

Referencing the kneeling protest started by Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry’s promise not to visit the White House, James expressed how Donnie turned peaceful actions into something negative.

He continued, “Sports was the first time I was ever around someone white. I got an opportunity to see them and learn about them, and they got the opportunity to learn about me … And I was like, ‘Oh wow, this is all because of sports.'”

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