It’s no secret that #TameraMowry loves her husband #AdamHousley and speaks well of him and their love for each other every chance she gets. She innocently gushes over her man which is sweet but y’all, Tamera Tamera came out on #TheReal today!

It looks like she’s had enough of people talking about her man because sis let it be known on today’s episode of #TheReal! The ladies had differing, yet passionate opinions during a conversation on whether or not #JulieChen should leave #TheTalk because of the sexual assault allegations currently attached to her husband, #LesMoonves’ name—in addition to her choosing to stand by him.

Now y’all already know Tamera and Adam are in an interracial marriage, and people seem to have a lot to say about him being an alleged “racist” or “Trump supporter” and things of the like every time she posts about him. Tamera hitem with the ‘not today!’ as she set the record straight on her man! Check out these clips to see what went down!

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