3 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners – Embracing Black Natural Curls

3 Ways to Embrace Your Natural Hair

Natural hair is everything. Black women everywhere are finally saying goodbye to the hot comb and committing to rocking their natural locks – a revolution of sorts some would say.

But, for beginners, embracing your natural black curly hair can seem daunting. We’re here to offer a few tips to get you started. Here are our 3 natural hair tips for beginners to embrace your curls:

Find a Natural Hair Care Regimen that Suits You

The key to having healthy natural hair is having a solid natural hair care regimen. A regular hair regimen that promotes moisturizing can keep your hair healthy for months on months.

This goes without saying, but a good hair care regimen starts with shampoo and conditioner. Use a moisturizing shampoo at least once or twice a week followed by a moisturizing conditioner. On top of this, it’s recommended to use a deep conditioner for about 20 minutes at least once a week. If you’re looking for some help with detangling, we recommend trying out a leave-in conditioner.

For extra moisturizing help, water-based moisturizers and natural oils are a great addition.
Style-wise, reduce heat as much as possible and keep your hair in a protective style such as a bun or braids to keep it healthy for longer.

Find Your Ideal Natural Hair Products

Finding the right products for your natural black curly hair can be overwhelming. There’s an endless selection of products claiming to be the savior for your hair but there are a few things you should keep your eye out for when choosing your products.

When selecting a moisturizing shampoo, stay far away from sulfate-heavy products. Sulfates will strip your hair of its natural moisture. These shampoos are great for clarifying but will most definitely dry out your hair. Opt for something containing gentle surfactants – as these products still clean thoroughly but are less harsh.

Deep conditioners are essential to a natural hair care regimen. When on the market for a deep conditioner, look for something containing a high-fat percentage, humectants, and, if your hair is suited for it, silicones. Avoid deep conditioners with mineral oils, heavy proteins, and petrolatum which often tend to only coat your hair.

Finding Your Perfect Style

Style truly is everything. But styling natural hair can be a difficult task. There’s plenty of easy styles out there perfect for natural hair beginners. We recommend trying out a few styles from time to time to get an understanding of what works and feels best with your hair.

Protective styling or wearing your hair in a style that pulls it back to protect from damage is often a great pick for beginners.

A common style for beginners is the sleek low or high bun. Not only is this a timeless look, but it also protects your hair from damage. For something that works with all hair textures and lengths, try out a high puff. And of course, you can never go wrong with the classic afro.

These tips should get you started with your natural hair care regimen as a beginner. Don’t be afraid to experiment! We wish you the best of luck!


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