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Lil Baby Opens Up About His Arrest In Paris During Fashion Week

In July, #LilBaby was detained by authorities, while attending #FashionWeek. In a recent interview, he took the time to address the situation with @icebox.

Discussing the situation, Lil Baby says he had time to think about what happened. He stated, “I know what happened now that I done thought about it. I got locked up like Thursday night, and I had a show Saturday.” He continued, “I’m like if I don’t get out Friday, I’m gonna get out Monday. I ain’t trying to miss my show on Saturday.”

After receiving calls and texts asking if he was OK, he was adamant that he was not. “I’m like ‘I know y’all see me going to jail.’ They like ‘You good?’ Like nah n***a, I’m not good!” Lil Baby continued, “I’m in this b***h tripping. I went to jail a lot of times, right? But they speak English. So, this like my first time going to jail and I’m like a kid.”

He also addresses how the incident gave him a different perspective on his rap career. “The whole Paris experience let me know I got to get bigger overseas,” he said. “Not saying to not go to jail for breaking the law, but for the police to know who I am.”

As previously reported, According to reports from the French outlet Le Parisien, it appears that Parisian police stopped James, Baby, and another man around 4:50 PM on 33 Avenue Montaigne. The area is known for having high-end luxury stores like Maison Margiela, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and more.

Le Parisien’s report states that police checked the men after smelling marijuana in their vehicle. During a search of the car, a judicial police officer allegedly discovered approximately 20g of cannabis in the car’s passenger compartment. James was not arrested during this incident. However, Baby and the other man were apparently taken into custody by the Narcotics Transport Chief.


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