Roommates, y’all know Boosie likes to cut up on the ‘gram! And his most recent act of foolery comes in the form of having fans join him on his Instagram live and show him their feet.

Now, this sounds like a crazy stunt, but if you know Lil Boosie then you know he pulls random stunts all of the time! Like the time when he crashed an exercise class:

Or when he pulled up on Rodeo drive and had his friend throw wads of money before leaving the scene:

Simply put, Boosie is living his best life and took that energy to his Instagram live. This time, he was met with feet by a fan that he seemed to like originally, but when she turned the camera around he pretended to be frozen before hanging up:

As you can see, Boosie left the chat expeditiously! He didn’t come back and say why he left the chat but given his reaction to when he turned the camera around, it might be safe to say he won’t be asking for foot pictures anymore. Boosie is a wild, wild man but hopefully he’s learned his lesson after playing footsie with the right one!