Lil Mama Shares Her Appreciation For Alicia Keys & Jay-Z As They Discussed Their 2009 VMA Performance

Lil Mama Shares Her Appreciation For Alicia Keys & Jay-Z As They Discussed Their 2009 VMA Performance

It has been 12 years and one of the most talked-about moments in hip-hop is Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s 2009 VMA performance, which featured an unexpected appearance from Lil Mama. The moment became a topic of discussion once again recently during a Twitter Spaces conversation that featured both Alicia Keys and Jay-Z.

In the Twitter Space conversation, which was hosted by Rob Markman from Genius, Jay-Z was asked if he had forgiven Lil Mama for crashing their performance 12 years ago. Jay-Z responded and said, “Of course, of course. C’mon. Don’t do that… That’s our sister. Man, we love her. I wouldn’t recommend people just jumping on other artists’ stages…”

Nonetheless, Hov continued to say, “She’s a New Yorker, she got excited. Things happen…of course, we love her. Yes, she’s forgiven. It’s all love and she was coming from a place of love it’s just… may have been a little too excited.”

Lil Mama caught wind of the conversation, and shared her appreciation for both Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. She shared a portion of the conversation and said, “I appreciate hearing this portion of last night’s conversation. This has always been my stance, Love. Love for both my big brother, big sister, and my city. It brings clarity to all of us as a community to actually hear these words from our legendary leaders.”

She added, “Hip Hop has always been a culture to me, not just music.. with that, I believe fellowship is very important to cultural growth. Reaching out to say you can do better or even to say your doing great can make the world of difference. Thanks, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys for using your voices in this conversation.”


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As previously reported, Alicia Keys was recently asked about the moment during a recent appearance on “Drink Champs,” and she said, “In my head, I was such a gorilla at the time I was…my eyes, I was like this is what’s happening, I’m gon’ destroy this record tonight.That’s all I had in my head.”

Alicia continued to say that she actually “didn’t even bear witness,” to Lil Mama being on stage within that moment, and added, “I went backstage and Jay was like ‘so you ain’t see that.’ ‘And I was like ‘what.’ And he was like ‘nah you ain’t just see what just happened.’ And I was like ‘yeah we killed it that’s what just happened.”



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