Lil Meech & Summer Walker Clap Back At Jess Hilarious

Lil Meech & Summer Walker Clap Back At Jess Hilarious For Calling The Actor ‘Smelly’ & Expose Her DMs To Him

Lil Meech and Summer Walker have fired at Jess Hilarious after the comedian referred to the actor as “smelly” while co-hosting an episode of ‘The Breakfast Club’ radio show.

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Jess Hilarious Refers To Lil Meech As “Smelly” On Live Radio

Jess Hilarious appeared as a recent guest co-host on Power 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ and discussed Lil Meech and Summer Walker’s relationship.

“She [Summer Walker] going through the pain, and I just hope she don’t give Meech no baby — that’s what happens when you mess with a delly smelly [expletive]. That’s what happens — when they smell, some get a little fishy…”

Meech caught heed of Hilarious’ remark about him and reposted the clip of her on his Instagram page with a caption.

“How I Stink But This Unstable Creature @jesshilarious_official In My DMs Trying To Get Chose? I See Why U Mad Now… This Is A Crazy World We Live In”

Additionally, the 23-year-old actor shared various screenshots of DMs from Jess Hilarious, where she congratulated him for his role on the television show ‘BMF’ and even inquired about his whereabouts in one message.

In the post’s comment section, Meech added.

“I guess she like musty n****s”

While Summer Walker chimed in.

“That’s so sad. Thirsty a** girl must have caught amnesia .. worried about my dm’s and forgot about these.”

Summer Walker Takes To Her Instagram Story To Vent

Summer Walker then took to her Instagram Story to address those criticizing her relationship with Lil Meech. The 27-year-old singer explained that she’s baffled at how their relationship makes “the blogs everyday for no reason.” Especially when the pair were not striving to be public with their romance.

“Its giving obsession lmao we wasn’t even tryna be public. YALL investigated so hard yall outed us from a reflection in the car…”

Walker explained that “every move” they make prompts a negative response from others. However, the singer said she is “not leaving,” presumably her relationship with Lil Meech, and encouraged viewers to “watch his show” and buy her music.


Before ending her thoughts, Walker explained to viewers that she doesn’t care about what they believe is “ghetto.” She explained that she will keep being herself and that the public will still support her.

“… & y’all know what y’all gone do? Y’all gone keep selling out my mf shows like y’all always do. Y’all gone keep selling out my merch and making a b***h go tripple platinum like y’all do. So STFU Lmao”

The Singer Then Addressed Jess Hilarious, Who Appears Unbothered

Before hopping off her Instagram Story, Summer Walker also addressed Jess Hilarious, calling her “weird” for hoping that Walker “keeps getting cheated on.” Furthermore, she also called the comedian weird for “congratulating” Lil Meech and then turning around “a short time later to say that he stink.”

“Have you even met either one of us? I understand you wasn’t nobody first choice on that show but this isn’t how you try to solidly your spot…”

Then, before ending her message to the comedian, Walker criticized Hilarious’ appearance.

“Like you JUST missed being a n***a by a chromosome lord forgive me but damn! You’d think being so ugly you’d try to be sweeter. Being ugly in & out isn’t a good combination & will NOT get you far in this industry.”

However, Hilarious responded via The Shade Room’s Instagram comments with a laughing GIF and a few words for Walker about chromosomes.

“It’s only 2 chromosomes anyway Summer”

Roomies, what do you think about this back-and-forth between Lil Meech, Summer Walker, and Jess Hilarious?


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