Asian Doll Defends King Von Amid Release Of 'Serial Killer' Doc

Asian Doll Defends Late Rapper King Von After YouTube Documentary Alleges He Was ‘Rap’s First Serial Killer’


Asian Doll/King Von

Asian Doll is defending the late rapper, and her former boyfriend, King Von, after a viral documentary published on YouTube alleged he was “rap’s first serial killer.”


The 26-Year-Old Rapper Spoke Out Friday Morning

The 26-year-old rapper and Texas native spoke out regarding the documentary via Twitter Friday morning.

Asian Doll replied to a Twitter user who wrote the “King Von documentary was so long,” she went to sleep and woke up and “he was still killing people.”

The rapper was not happy with the comment and replied.

“B***h shut yo police a** up”

Then, shortly after replying to the Twitter user, Asian Doll made a brief statement regarding the documentary.

“That documentary about Von is not true”


Asian Doll Further Explained Her Thoughts In A Tweet That Now Appears To Be Deleted

The 26-year-old reportedly shared more of her thoughts via a tweet that now appears to be deleted.

“Every know this already? B***h y’all know lies a WHITE MAN TELLING YALL WTF That wack a** documentary is NOT TRUE How They Tell A Story About Somebody That DIED before he could tell his own”

The tweet above can be viewed in the Instagram carousel below.


More Details About The YouTube Documentary Alleging King Von As "Rap's First Serial Killer"

As The Shade Room previously reported, King Von died on November 6, 2020, after being injured during a shooting in Atlanta. The Chicago-bred rapper was 26 years old.

Since his death, the rapper has been the subject of numerous YouTube videos alleging he was a “demon” or “soft-spoken assassin.”

However, a recent documentary shared by YouTube creator Trap Lore Ross has gone so far as to label King Von “Rap’s First Serial Killer” in its title.


According to VIBE, ‘King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer’ was released on Friday, April 7. However, the video was removed from YouTube on Sunday, April 9.

Trap Lore Ross later took to his secondary YouTube account, Trap More Ross, to share another video. He explained the reason behind the documentary’s removal was his being “silenced” by the rapper’s entourage for “exposing” King Von as a “serial killer.”

Furthermore, he also explained that the documentary’s showing of weapons and other graphic content violated YouTube’s community rules and guidelines.

However, on Tuesday, April 11, the documentary was back on YouTube. Trap Lore Ross notified his fans of the update.

“Video is back.”

Additionally, he shared edits that were made to the documentary to keep it in good standing with YouTube’s community rules and content policies.

“Blurred all the guns, vapes, weed and cigarettes. Removed Baylo discussing the fact that no funeral homes would take Vons body (even though he’s apparently an Angel and it’s all cap). Removed speculation on who lined up Duck (new info dropped) removed some description of deaths.”



A Brief Outline Of The Allegations The Documentary Puts Forth Regarding King Von

As previously reported by VIBE, Trap Lore Ross utilizes “social media posts, timestamps, lyrics, and police reports,” which seemingly connect King Von to the murders of various alleged gang members.

Additionally, the documentary list multiple murder victims that, allegedly, King Von is behind the killing of or responsible for.

The documentary is about 3.5 hours and has garnered over 1.4 million views since being republished three days ago.


Social Media Reacts To "King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer"

Social media users have shared mixed reactions to the documentary.

One Twitter user, @lamidaee, wrote.

“finally finished the King Von documentary and I literally have my arms crossed. it is well.”

Another Twitter user, @KushumPengg, shared.

“I’m watching Trap Lore Ross’s documentary on King Von and man it’s so grimey. This guy was just killing and snitching on himself on Twitter and in his music. The man was a serial killer for real real”

While Twitter user @scoobzfrmboston shared a different response.

“Midway thru this King Von documentary I asked myself wtf am I watching”

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