Bandman Kevo, Andrew Caldwell Speak On Male Plastic Surgery

EXCLUSIVE: Bandman Kevo and Andrew Caldwell Open Up About Male Plastic Surgery | TSR Investigates


Bandman Kevo Andrew Caldwell Male Plastic Surgery TSR Investigates

They call it the “daddy do-over,” and statistics show that more and more men are going under the knife despite the widespread stigma against male plastic surgery.

TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter spoke to three Black men specifically who underwent cosmetic work, rapper Bandman Kevo, award-winning gospel singer Jovanta Patton, and social media personality Andrew Caldwell. All three opened up about how their cosmetic procedures have changed their lives for the better.

Is this simply a trend caused by social media pressure? Or could plastic surgery become the new norm for Black men as well? The Shade Room investigates…


The Statistics: How Many Men Are Going Under The Knife For Cosmetic Surgery?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most recent data shows that an estimated 1.3 million men got some cosmetic procedure in 2020.

That makes for a 29 percent increase between 2000 and 2018. Even still, men only make up only eight percent of all cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. each year.

The top choices for men are cheek implants, ear surgery, eyelid surgery, liposuction, and nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), the group reports.

One surgery men are having more and more is male breast reduction.

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank estimated that male breast reduction procedures increased by 47.9 percent between 2014 and 2018.

Its 2021 report claims that liposuction costs an average of $2,736 in surgeon fees.
Meanwhile, breast fat grafting costs an average of nearly $3,000, and BBLs were $4,004.


Bandman Kevo: "I Was Eating (Too) Good" Once Getting Famous

Rapper Bandman Kevo spoke to TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter, claiming he was “eating good” after first getting famous.

“I was 285 pounds, I’m now 220. I was just going out to eat a lot,” before getting locked up.

He did lose some weight while locked up, but when he got out, he says the gym wasn’t giving what it was supposed to give.

“My stomach was still, like, flubbery (sic). I actually went to my doctor who told me, you gotta get lipo to get rid of” his “love handles.”

So he went forward with the liposuction and even got a BBL to round things out, causing the internet to go in on him as he posted results on Instagram.

However, he says he’s happy with the results and even joked about taking advantage of the haters by handing out lipo and BBL giveaways.

“I can now go overseas and take my shirt off. It’s better, I just feel better.”

Kevo said, “To be honest, I’d do it again.”

“If i see something on my body that I want to make better. I’ll make it better,” he said.


Social Media Influencer Andrew Caldwell: Even Women Are Flocking To My DMs After Plastic Surgery

Meanwhile, social media influencer Andrew Caldwell says women are flocking to his DMs after receiving plastic surgery.

He shared some photos with TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter before and after his liposuction and skin removal surgeries last month.

“I had girdles upon girdles in pictures, it was not working,” Caldwell said, admitting to wearing male girdles to hide his weight.

Caldwell said he tried to get into shape and lose weight, which in his words, “did not work.”

He added he got tired of investing his money in cars and homes.

“Let me invest in my body,” he said. “I hated myself. For years.”

He says doctors removed 10 pounds of fat, including two pounds of skin.

Caldwell joked in earnest that he can “see his private parts now.” The social media influencer became a viral sensation back in 2014 after claiming he had been “delivert” and was no longer gay thanks to the church.

He famously coined the phrase, “I don’t like mens no more!” – a refrain he used in his interview with TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter in reference to the thought of getting a BBL.


Award-Winning Gospel Singer Jovanta Patton: No Regrets After Nose Job

Award-winning gospel singer Jovanta Patton says he, too, has absolutely no regrets after getting a rhinoplasty.

Patton says he leaned on his family, a wife, and three young daughters, as he recovered from the surgery.

But he ultimately loved how it turned out. Patton tells TSR Investigates that there were several reasons to undergo cosmetic work, namely his visage and how it relates to his career.

“We work so much with Target and modeling, my family and kids,” he said.

He added: “And I can breathe so much better.”

Also, as a bonus, the nose job improved his singing voice and ability to hit higher notes.

Patton also defended his use of plastic surgery, and slammed people for calling it a “feminine thing.”

“People will say it’s a feminine thing, they’re just looking to find a way to add all of these different stigmas around someone wanting to love themselves.”


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