Man Charged With Killing Rapper BTB Savage Arrested

UPDATE: Man Charged With Killing Rapper BTB Savage Arrested & Held On $1M Bond


UPDATE: Man Charged With Killing Rapper BTB Savage Arrested & Held On $1M Bond

Two weeks after BTB Savage was gunned down in Houston, his suspected killer — Montrel Lenard Burley — has been taken into custody.


The Judge Considered The Suspect To Be A Flight Risk

According to ABC13, the 40-year-old suspect turned himself in on Tuesday.

Later that same day, Burley appeared in court, where his attorney requested a $200K bond. However, the judge ultimately chose to set his bail at $1M.


In defense of this decision, the judge pointed out that Burley’s a flight risk, as he has a history of failing to appear in court while out on bail.

Additionally, she expressed concern over Burley traveling from his home in New Braunfels, Texas — near San Antonio — to Houston to allegedly kill BTB Savage.

As a result, Burley will be required to wear an ankle monitor if he posts bond, and he’ll have to surrender his passport.


The Suspect Is Believed To Have Acted In Retaliation

As The Shade Room previously reported, BTB Savage was gunned down in Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood on March 30.

This occurred after the rapper unapologetically acknowledged a home invasion in which he instructed his then-girlfriend to kill the would-be robber.


Chillingly, mere hours before being gunned down, BTB Savage shared photos from the robbery scene.

Beneath a post of the rapper posing in a dried pool of blood, he wrote, “TOO MUCH MOTION.”


Reportedly, Burley was close to Omar Richardson, the man who was gunned down while allegedly attempting to rob BTB Savage.

As a result, it’s believed that BTB Savage was killed in retaliation for his online antics.


Authorities Were On The Hunt For Montrel Lenard Burley

Of course, we must point out that the suspect had already been on officers’ radars before his arrest.

Shortly after BTB Savage was killed, authorities reportedly brought Burley in for questioning, though he lawyered up and was released.

Later, Burley was publicly charged with killing BTB Savage last week, though authorities didn’t know his whereabouts.


There are no further updates at this time.


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