Natalie Nunn Shuts Down Rumored Verbal Tussle w/ Gypsy Rose

Natalie Nunn Shuts Down Screenshots Showing Verbal Tussle With Gypsy Rose Account (Update)


Natalie Nunn & Gypsy Rose Tussle Over Reveal Of 'Baddies' Offer

Nineteen days into 2024, and screenshots showing a verbal tussle between Natalie Nunn and Gypsy Rose Blanchard have surfaced online. However, hours after they were both trending on social media, Natalie shut down the “fake gossip.”

Natalie took to her Instagram Story, first sharing a screenshot and then a statement. The screenshot shows a few Instagram DMs between her and Gypsy.

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Early Friday morning (Jan. 19), Gypsy reached out to Natalie, alerting her of a few TikToks. Apparently, the videos showed the same screenshots first shared by a Facebook account named Gypsy Rose Anderson. 

“I have no idea what all was said between you nad this Gypsy impersonator but I apologize for anything that misrepresented me,” Gypsy wrote. Adding, “Rule of thumb fo everyone if it isn’t verified don’t trust it girl.”

Natalie responded, saying the page representing her in the screenshots was also “fake.” She added that she “never messaged” Gypsy but “hope all is well.”

In a follow-up statement, Natalie encouraged folks not to believe everything online.

“My last post is the only messages we have ever had which was this morning,” Natalie said.

Gypsy Rose has not publicly reacted to the screenshots on her verified Instagram page.

Here’s What The Natalie Nunn & Gypsy Rose Screenshots Claimed

As mentioned, a Facebook page posing as Gypsy first shared all the now-viral screenshots. They alleged that on Sunday (Jan. 14), Zeus network contacted Gypsy via social media about ‘Baddies East.’

“Hi, Gypsy! We were interested in you co-hosting the Baddies East Reunion?! Shoot us a message if you’re interested,” the screenshot showed.

The account shared a screenshot of that DM to their feed on Thursday. The caption said, “Since it’s finally over and I can reveal the “Secret,” Zeus Network Tea Inc. invited me to Co-Host for the ‘Baddies East’ Reunion. But I kindly declined.”

For context, the network reportedly filmed the reunion on Jan. 17 with Nene Leakes and Janeisha John as the hosts.


The page followed up with another Facebook post, clarifying that Gypsy wasn’t bashing Zeus or the show.

“PSA I’m not hating on Zeus Network Tea Inc. !! They simply asked me to do the reunion and I declined. That’s all! It’s not a atmosphere I would be comfortable in,” the account wrote.

In another post, the account thanked Zeus for reaching out! It alleged that the network had also offered her a spot on their next ‘Baddies’ cast.

“Thank you, Zeus Network Tea Inc., for offering me a spot on the cast for the next season of Baddies, as much as I would love to do it. I don’t think it’s the right thing to do. I’ve seen plenty of it in jail, and I don’t wanna go through it again. Hey, never say never who knows if I’ll change my mind?” 


Doctored Screenshots Claim Natalie Nunn Threatened Gypsy Rose

In addition to sharing a screenshot of Zeus’s DM, the Facebook account also shared a screenshot of an alleged DM from Natalie Nunn.

In it, the Natalie account let Gypsy know that the network had reached out and hadn’t received a response. The Gypsy account replied, “Hi, Natalie. I would not like to host the reunion. Thanks for the offer.” 

The Natalie account circled back to Rose’s alleged DM on Thursday and told her she wanted the screenshots pulled down “NOW.”

“Listen. I don’t appreciate you posting these screenshots on your page imma need you to take them down NOW,” the Natalie account wrote.

The Gypsy page made it clear that wasn’t happening.

“Thanks, but no thanks, this is my platform and I decided what to do with it. Already said thank you to the offer just move on please.”


Afterward, the Gypsy page made a lil’ joke on the TL, referencing Nick Minaj’s shoutout to Natalie on Lil Uzi’s ‘Endless Fashion.’

“Even if my name was Natalie Nunn…” it wrote.

The Natalie page came back a lil’ more heated in her follow-up to Gypsy page. In another DM, the Natalie page wrote, “B***h you better stop posting sh*t online before you see me in real life h*e.”

Again, the Gypsy account let it be known she isn’t the one or two.

“Natalie, I’m not with the shenanigans. You will be blocked. Either worry about your show or I’ll hit the block button. Have a nice day.”

It’s unclear if the Natalie account responded again, but the screenshot indicates she read the message.


'Baddies' Scotty Has Not Cleared Her Name In Gypsy Rose Screenshots

And while Natalie Nunn cleared her name, ‘Baddies’ star Scotlynd ‘Scotty’ Ryan hasn’t yet.

Additional screenshots show her allegedly popping into Gypsy’s DMs on Friday (Jan. 19), encouraging her to listen to “Natalie’s” request. Scotty is a ‘Baddies’ vet, starring in multiple seasons of the series.

Again, the Gypsy account let it be known no one controls her or her platform!

“I already told you guys to leave me alone. I’m not joining ‘Baddies’ nor am I deleting the screenshots. Like I said, this is my page and I post whatever I feel like posting.” 

The Gypsy account then called Scotty ‘Miss Gap’ on the TL, quoting another ‘Baddies’ cast member. The Scotty account clapped back aggressively, calling the Gypsy account a “b***h” and alleging she’s “playing victim.”

See the screenshots below.

The Facebook account told its 200,000-plus followers on Friday that ‘Gypsy Rose’ is not suing anyone.

In response to Natalie denying the DMs beef, the Facebook account has shared additional screenshots believed to also be fake.

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