Super Bowl LVIII: Kansas City Chiefs & San Francisco 49ers

Issa Rematch! Social Media Reacts To The Kansas City Chiefs & San Francisco 49ers Facing Off In Super Bowl LVIII


MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 29: The Vince Lombardi Trophy and San Francisco 49ers helmet and a Kansas City Chiefs helmet on display prior to the Commissioners press conference on January 29, 2020 at the Hilton Downtown in Miami, FL. Photo taken with an iphone 11 Pro.

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will be facing off in the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII. Now, social media users are weighing in with their reactions.

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Road To Super Bowl LVIII: The Kansas City Chiefs Face Off Against Baltimore Ravens

According to CBS News, the Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC finals on Sunday, January 28. Of course, Taylor Swift, the girlfriend of Chief’s tight end Travis Kelce, was one of the many celebrities in attendance.

Kickoff started with the Kansas City Chiefs scoring the game’s first touchdown. However, about 30 minutes in, the Baltimore Ravens scored a touchdown of their own and even used the moment to show Taylor Swift how to swag surf.

However, the Kansas City Chiefs regained the lead in the second quarter. Ultimately, the team reached halftime with a 17-7 lead over the Ravens. Amid their progress, Plies took to X, formerly known as Twitter, with a message for the NFL.

“Dear @NFL Media: Can U Please Stop Forcing Taylor Swift On Football Fans! We Get It She’s At The Game & She’s A Phenomenal Artist! But Damn If We Wanted To See Her This Much We’ll Go To Her Concert!! Y’all Show Her More Than Y’all Show The Owner Of The Chiefs! We Love Her But DAMN!” he wrote.

The second half resumed with the Kansas City Chiefs ultimately beating the Baltimore Ravens 17-10.

Of course, the NFL made sure to show off a moment of PDA between Kelce and Swift.

According to CBS Sports, the Kansas City Chiefs are the third team to play in the Super Bowl within five years. Additionally, if the Chiefs win Super Bowl LVIII, they’ll be the fourth NFL team to win three Super Bowls within five years.


The San Francisco 49ers Face Off Against The Detroit Lions

According to USA Today, the 49ers v. the Lions kicked off with the Detroit team initially assuming the lead at the end of the second quarter with 24-7.

However, in the third quarter of the game, things appeared to take a shift, with the 49ers initiating a comeback.

Ultimately, the 49ers were able to tie with the Lions and ended the third quarter with a score of 24, per Detroit Free Press.

The fourth quarter is where the 49ers took the lead and ultimately left the final score at 34-31.

According to the outlet, the faceoff was “arguably the Lions’ most crushing loss ever.”

According to the 49er’s official website, their appearance at Super Bowl LVIII will mark their second chance at a Super Bowl win within the last five NFL seasons.

ABC Chicago adds that the match-off will be the 49er’s second chance at a potential victory against the Chiefs since their faceoff at Super Bowl LIV in 2020. The Chiefs ultimately took the win home, closing the game at 31-20.


Social Media Reacts To The Upcoming Game Between Chiefs And 49ers

According to the NFL’s official website, Super Bowl LVIII will occur on Sunday, February 11. The game will be played at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Usher taking the stage at halftime.

Of course, social media users have already started sharing their reactions to the upcoming matchoff.

Check them out below!










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