London On Da Track Says Daughter’s Mother Scripted Accusations Against Shenseea’s Son, Cease-And-Desist Sent To Eboni

London On Da Track is fed up with Eboni Ivori, the mother of his daughter Paris. Over the weekend, the producer took to Twitter to air out how he feels about Eboni’s ongoing accusations against Shenseea‘s seven-year-old son Raj.

His twice-broken silence comes after Eboni released recordings of four-year-old Paris explaining the alleged incident. The mother posted the footage after receiving a cease-and-desist for the claims from Shenseea.

The first time London reacted to the accusations online, he seemingly accused Eboni of using a “child for money and clout.” In his latest slam this past weekend,  London suggested his daughter’s mother scripted the indecent exposure accusations.

“A lot of y’all take sh*t as jokes & be entertained, but I ain’t taking none of this sh*t lightly,” London tweeted. “Constantly curating false accusations and playing the blog/internet games to try to tarnish my name & anyone associated with me and now to involve minors is below temperature.”

London continued going off in a series of tweets. He said his daughter’s safety is his number one priority. Additionally, he said it’s a “low blow” that while he’s juggling fatherhood and his career, his child is “being scripted to entertain such horrible accusations.”

“To someone who got 3 kids, and the other two not in her care that alone concerns me. I love my lil one and I’m gone do whatever it takes to protect and keep her safe 24/7 with me,” London said.

The producer then took a jab at media coverage of the claims. At the time this article was published, his tweets were no longer available on his profile.

Eboni Shares Video Of Daughter Saying Shenseea’s Son Showed Her His Private Parts And Asked Her To “Smell It”

Eboni shared a few clips of a conversation with her daughter Paris after posting about the cease-and-desist. The notice is from a firm that represents Shenseea, real name Chinsea Lee, and her son. Eboni reacted to the notice by calling ‘Chinsea’ a “joke like a cartoon” and taking a jab at the Caribbean singer’s discography.

“If she focused on selling records and raising her kid right instead of tryna make me be quiet ab some truth, then someone could name one of her songs,” Eboni wrote on her IG Story.

Meanwhile, the notice demanded that Eboni cease speaking on Shenseea and Raj, retract her allegations, and offer a public apology.

“Demand is hereby made that you immediately cease and desist engaging in the unlawful and abusive behavior towards Ms. Lee and her son. We also demand that you issue an apology on your social media accounts, including Instagram, retracting any and all disparaging statements that you previously issued about Ms. Lee and her son by 11:59 p.m. ET.”

It’s unclear when the firm sent the notice and what the consequences of not following the demands are. However, the paperwork partially reads that the firm’s client, Shenseea, “intends to immediately” do SOMETHING. Eboni blurred the rest of the statement.

“Lol, apologize. Y would I apologize for what THEY did wrong? So they look sweet and make money that idgaf ab,” Eboni wrote on a screenshot of the notice.

Then, she shared the videos of Paris detailing what allegedly happened with Raj. The four-year-old said Shenseea’s son showed her his private parts–calling it his “vagina”–while she was at her “auntie’s house.”  At one point, Eboni tells her to repeat what she told her, and Paris responds, “why I need to tell you.” Eboni responded that “it’s important” for Paris to repeat her statement. Paris also added that Raj made her “smelled it.” 

Eboni Doubles Down On The Allegations After Online Backlash And Slams London

After Eboni published the videos of Paris, she followed up by going after London On Da Track saying that he paid “somebody to type some BS to make your BM look like a liar.” She shared another excerpt of the cease-and-desist, which said that “there is no doubt [Eboni is] motivated to similarly harass Ms. Lee because of her professional relationship with Mr. London.”

People have speculated romance between Shenseea and London for months, but the notice indicates that the relationship is all business.

“Instead of being a stand up dad and handling things the right way he would rather chump me off & protect his business,” Eboni wrote. “Thing shouldn’t even come to this but all they care ab is their image.”

She also reacted to people critiquing her handling of the alleged situation. Eboni declared that she “can’t win” with people online but isn’t looking for anyone’s approval either way.

“I talk to big brain he says she’s lying and needs punishment etc. I try to contact Chinchilla, she opens my DM and then closes it back,” Eboni wrote on IG Story. She added, “If I don’t let her go I get n legal trouble for not giving him his lil time he stays taking me to court for. So my move is making sure that everyone knows that where ever she goes, regardless of the lack of protection she gets from elsewhere, I’ll always make sure that nobody messes with her.”

Eboni first brought the allegations to the internet in mid-November. At the time, she didn’t specify WHAT she alleges Raj did. She started by sending a pointed warning at Shenseea and her son.

“I’m saying loud and clear and I mean it from the bottom of my soul @shenseea you and your little nasty son stay away from my daughter,” Eboni wrote.

Afterward, she continued to address the situation online–even sharing a text thread with London where he says, “we spoke, and we fixed it right then…everything u saying we talked about.” 

Raj’s Biological Father Responds To The Public Accusations

While Shenseea hasn’t given Eboni any energy online, a man believed to be Raj’s biological father addressed the situation. He disapproves of the way Eboni is dragging a child’s name through the mud in the limelight.

“No child deserve to be put pon blast just because of the influence that’s around them, that’s not fair,” he said. “Whatever we can do to not contribute to that, that would be greatly appreciated.”

DISCLAIMER: This report is only a representation of what the parties involved have shared online. The Shade Room has not done any independent digging into the incident and thus cannot confirm or deny the indecent exposure allegations. 

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