LSU & South Carolina B-Ball Players Tussle At SEC Championship

LSU and South Carolina Players Tussle In Fourth Quarter Of The SEC Championship Game (Video)

Six players were ejected from the SEC Championship game after a scuffle in the fourth quarter. ESPN reports LSU and South Carolina players were removed from play after an altercation ensued.

LSU’s Flau’jae Johnson and Kamilla Cardoso of South Carolina were at the center of the commotion.

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Fans didn’t expect the events to go from ball to brawl as the SEC Championship game came to a close. However, things took an unexpected turn. South Carolina was leading 73-66 with 2:08 left to play before the chaos occurred.

What Caused The Scuffle At The SEC Championship?

LSU guard Flau’jae had the ball, but Gamecocks guard MiLaysia Fulwiley stole it from her, Associated Press reports.

The rapper then “wrapped her up”. As a result, a referee called an intentional foul. Ashlyn Watkins began celebrating aggressively in Flau’jae’s face, provoking her to bump the South Carolina forward.

Standing at 6-foot-7, Kamilla suddenly appeared and knocked Flau’jae off her feet onto the hardwood. She immediately jumped up to address the Brazilian player. Moreover, Flau’jae’s brother jumped over the scorer’s table, landing on the court. He briefly made contact with South Carolina’s center, but police quickly led him away, ESPN reports.

In addition, players from both sides added to the chaotic scene. Some attempted to de-escalate the altercation. Consequently, Kamilla left with a busted lip.

LSU forward Angel Reese stayed near the bench as the events transpired.

Dawn Staley was angry as she loudly yelled toward the LSU bench.

Watch the heated interactions below. 

How Many Players Were Removed From Each Team?

The game was delayed for roughly 15 minutes as officials reviewed the video of the scuffle. After the refs made their decision, South Carolina was left with six players after four were ejected. Two reserves for the Tigers were disqualified. Only their five starting players remained.

After things settled, the teams continued the highly anticipated match. Despite the high tension, South Carolina was victorious in the end, beating LSU 79-72.

Cardoso has since issued an apology.

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