#Roommates, imagine being locked up in the slammer and your mom comes to visit you to put money on your books and then she ends up locked up too! Well, that’s exactly what happened to a 38-year-old woman who was cuffed and booked while visiting her son at Lee County Jail, but to be honest sis should’ve been a little bit smarter.

According to NY Daily News, Jennifer Dilan thought she was going to be visiting her son, but soon as she showed her identification at the jail, sis was booked after finding out there was an active warrant out for her… clink clink.

What’s crazy about this is that it’s the 12th time she’s been arrested in the last 11 years. She was busted for four counts of fraud, two counts of petit theft and other chargers. She’s being held on $51,500 bond.

Her son Cristian Dilan, 20, was arrested for accessory to murder after the fact and grand theft last month. He was arrested in connection to the passing of 34-year-old Sarah Nicholson, whose body was found in a house that had caught on fire.

His trial is set for July 9, and his mom will have her day in court three weeks later.

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