Man In Germany Gets More Than 87 Covid-19 Vaccine Doses As Part Of Scam To Sell Vaccine Passports

Man In Germany Gets More Than 87 Covid-19 Vaccine Doses As Part Of Scam To Sell Vaccine Passports

Chile, some folks will try anything for a buck! One man in Germany went as far as getting 87 doses of Covid-19 vaccines. The 61-year-old allegedly planned to sell the filled out vaccine cards from his many visits, per Newsweek.

German police have not publicly named the man, but an investigation is underway. Authorities caught on to the alleged scam after a complaint by the German branch of the Red Cross called Kai Kranich.

Apparently, the man sometimes received the vaccine as much as three times a day. A local newspaper Freie Presse reported that he pulled this off by visiting multiple vaccination sites. He then would present vaccine administrators with a blank card listing his real name.

After officials signed the card, the man found a way to remove his name to leave from for his customers. And his customers are categorized as “anti-vaccination advocates.”

“We then observed this and warned the other vaccination centers in Saxony,” a spokesperson for the German Red Cross spokesperson said.

The man also allegedly provided false information about his medical history in interactions with medical professionals. He hardly showed his health insurance during registration, which possibly kept him under the radar for so long. Once Red Cross employees peeped the scene, they were instructed to call police if the man appeared for another vaccine.

Newsweek reports that it’s unclear how much the man cashed in on. However, he conducted his end of business all in the German state of Saxony. He began his alleged scheme back in July 2021. Police reportedly suspect he may have even more vaccines than the known 87.

A vaccine passport is like the vaccine card you’ve likely received if you got one or more doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.


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