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Man In Wheelchair Shot to Death By Police Officers in Delaware


 Another senseless incident happened involving a young black male named Jeremy McDole, 28, who was in a wheelchair when four cops shot him to death prior to a 911 call that described a man in a wheelchair who was armed and self-inflicted himself.


This happened in Wilmington, Delaware on Wednesday, September 23, 2015. Before McDole was killed at 3pm a woman had called 911 panicking to the dispatcher over the phone stating that a man was armed and had just shot himself. The recording of the 911 call was partially released from police spokeswoman, Andrea Janvier, according to USA Today and the rest of the recordings won’t be released until later.


 All you can hear during the recording is the bystander near McDole as she’s ordering other citizens around the scene of McDole to move away so they won’t get hurt. “Please send somebody quick,” the bystander says. “He’s still got a gun!” “I’m not crazy, I’m not going next to him—backup!”


Not too long after the death of McDole occurred, a video was released on YOUTUBE (Which has since been taken down due to graphic content). If you were able to see the un-cut version of the video, you saw what appeared to be a man in a wheelchair being approached by four cops; A White officer first and then the rest proceed who also happen to be White and one Hispanic.


Before he was shot the first cop arriving to the scene said, “Show me your hands, show me your hands,” and then a shot was fired, according to the man recording the entire scene on his cell-phone. Citizens watching the heart wrenching scene yelled to McDole to put his hands in the air as a way to give him some encouragement after he was just shot to do what the officers tell him.


McDole doesn’t do anything but try to regain strength after just being shot. He fiddles with his hands and appears to try to lift himself up out of the wheelchair, then plops back down and puts his hands in his pocket, and the officers fire approximately nine more shots according to,


 Jeremy McDole’s mother, Phyllis McDole, wants answers and feels that this incident is very much “unjust.” Ms. McDole told police officers, family and citizens during a press-conference that no one notified her of her son’s death. She had to find out herself. McDole’s Uncles also considers this crime as an “execution” no matter what race your or ethnicity you are, according to


On Friday, investigators came out to the scene of where McDole was killed. A small memorial service was held for family members and friends who wanted to pay their respects to Jeremy McDole. A yellow cone ini-which contained flowers was place on the exact scenery of McDole’s death.


McDole had been in a wheel-chair since he was 18, due to multiple shots which left him paralyzed from the waist down before this shooting even occurred.


According to USA Today, Wilmington Police Chief, Bobby Cummings, said that they received a call around 3pm on Wednesday about a man who self-inflicted himself. Police after the shooting found that he was carrying a .38-caliber gun by his side.


There will be a separate investigation with the Department Of Justice Office of Civil Rights and Public Trust different from the Wilmington Police Investigation.

Check out the video below Warning graphic images

Source Cited: Radar Online 

Delaware Police Shooting Of Wheelchair-Bound Man Caught On Camera –– Jeremy McDole Dies After Shocking Incident

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