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Man Suddenly Dies On A Plane After Biting A Fellow Passenger!

Y’all, I am running out of hands to clutch my pearls with! A Brazilian man suddenly died on his Sunday flight to Dublin after he had become violent and bit one of the people trying to restrain him! 

The biter eventually slipped under unconsciousness for a while, but as fate would have it, a doctor and a nurse revealed themselves on the flight just as the pilot pleaded for someone to aid in resuscitating him.

Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in reviving the 24-year-old man and he was later pronounced dead at Cork Airport.
Passenger John Leonard spoke on his chilling account of the ordeal with 96FM:
“His seizure seemed to get worse. He was actually on the ground shaking violently. The noise he was making was like something I have never heard before. It’s not something you’d hear every day. It was like deep anguish, is the best way I could describe it… Not screaming in a sense… just a very guttural, from deep within him.”

Where the story gets interesting, though, is that the crazed man wasn’t traveling alone. He was with a 44-year-old Portuguese woman and according to, the cops snatched her ass up after they found 5 pounds of amphetamines in her bag!

 The deceased is currently undergoing examinations to confirm whether or not his behavior was caused by those drugs. 
Luckily the other 168 members of the flight landed safely,  but dang! We’ve heard of Snakes On A Plane, but not ‘Druggies On A Plane’! 

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