Master P's Estranged Wife Claims Battle Over Children Is Getting Abusive

Master P’s Estranged Wife Claims Battle Over Children Is Getting Abusive

Master P and his wife Sonya are really not seeing eye to eye in this divorce and it’s effecting those closest to them– their children. If you recall, Romeo Miller penned an open letter to his family and fans last week.In it, he let us in on his point of view of his family’s separation and his mother suing him!
Unfortunately, this divorce saga continues as Sonya is now alleging that her estranged husband, Master P, is physically and verbally abusing her and is even accusing him of trying to turn their children against her! The Miller matriarch was granted a temporary restraining order back in October but is scheduled to attend a hearing to make that a permanent gesture, according to TMZ.

The publication reports, “According to court documents, Miller claims P has “brainwashed” their kids to go against her and used his money and power to wield influence over them.” These same documents also recall a time “long ago” where Sonya claims her husband struck her in the face and then dragged her across the floor. She allegedly ended up in the hospital. Master P still insists that these are just made up stories. He told TMZ, “I will pray for my ex. This is a sad day for our family, but we will get past this. After 5 years, all her attorneys can come up with are false accusations.”

Damn, even if she was making the story up she is still the mother of his children who helped build the Miller empire! Speaking of Empire, Master P couldn’t leave TMZ without throwing some shade at his soon to be ex wife, Sonya. “I wish I had Cookie off the TV show [Empire] … my ex wife is just Cookie Monster.” He thinks that she’s just after his money. Hmph! We’ll see what the judge decides today.

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