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Meek Mill Announces Joint Record Label Venture with Jay-Z & Roc Nation!

Roommates, Meek Mill and Jay-Z have been fighting prison reform fight together, and now they are joining one another in the music industry. In an Instagram post, Meek announces he is joining forces with Jay and #RocNation to create his own record label: “Dream Chasers”.

The new label marks a turning point in Meek’s career, as he will now have experience on the business side of the music industry. In an interview with CBS This Morning, Meek and Jay express the importance of creating paths in the music industry for those to come.

“The music and the culture that we create, we’ve been giving it away for so long,” Jay says. “We clean the floors up before we own the building, but we don’t shine shoes anymore.”

Meek says working with Jay on a project of this caliber is something he’s always dreamed of, and his admiration for Jay is something he’s never had for any other artist, business man or entrepreneur.

“It’s like a dream to me,” Meek says. “There aren’t to many people I admire on a music level, a business level, and on a man level. So doing business with HOV I always tell him its a regular day for him but it’s a dream come true for me.”

Dream Chasers will be Meek’s label, under the umbrella of Roc Nation’s influence. Meek and Jay say the collaboration just feels right, as they have experienced a lot of the same struggles.

“We come from the same neighborhoods, went through the same things,” Jay says. “We’ve been through some of the same struggles, and like I said that responsibility is not lost on us.”

“Like he said, we come from the same ghettos of America,” Meek continues. “I always felt like I had a responsibility to lead the culture as much as I can. I always say Jay Z and others that come before me we’re like the son plow for people like myself. They made it easier for us to walk through the snow storm. I want to continue to be the snow plow for those coming after me.”

We can’t wait to see what Meek and Jay have in store!



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