Megan Thee Stallion Goes Off Pardi & Kelsey Harris Amid Affidavit

Oop! Watch Megan Thee Stallion Go Off On Pardi & Her Ex-Bestie Kelsey In Viral IG Live (Video)

Megan Thee Stallion made time today (Dec. 13) to address several parties, including Pardi and key figures involved in her Tory Lanez shooting trauma. She once again cleared former friend Kelsey Harris of shooting her while standing on Tory being the gunman.

Meanwhile, she unleashed on her ex-boyfriend for addressing her track ‘Cobra,’ despite her lack of a name-drop. For context, Pardison Fontaine has given at least two interviews addressing their split. These drop-bys have been ongoing since he released a diss track against her named ‘Thee Person’ one week after her track dropped.

Megan said that she’s not invested in coming online to defend herself because people are going to believe the narrative they want to.

Megan Thee Stallion Claps Back At Pardi: “Why You Trying To Make That Shoe Fit?”

Megan didn’t hold back on Pardison Fontaine in her viral Instagram live. In fact, she expressed confusion about why he released a diss track and repeatedly spoke about their break-up to the media if he didn’t do what she described.

And if you haven’t tuned into ‘Cobra,’ in verse two, Megan Thee Stallion describes finding a lover receiving oral pleasure in a bed she co-slept in.

In her livestream, Thee Stallion revealed she was “very much happy” where she “was at.” However, Pardi’s callouts and developments in Tory Lanez’s appeal strategies have brought her to the mic.

“If this man is saying, well I didn’t cheat on her, I didn’t do that. Well why the f**k is you responding to me? Do you know how many n****s y’all claimed I done f**ked? Why are you answering? Why are you trying to make that shoe fit? Was it you getting your d**k sucked in the same spot I was sleeping? If you saying it wasn’t you, why the hell is you dissing me? Like what the f**k is going on? Why are you talking to me?”

Megan said that Pardi wanted to “find a reason to bash” her,” calling his comments “strategic.” She said she “genuinely” doesn’t have anything bad to say about Pardi.

“Why are you trying to make the shoe fit Cinderella? You’re squeezing your foot in there friend,” Megan said.

As previously reported, Pardi released a pointed track at Megan, calling her a habitual liar and revealing he had picked out an engagement ring before they split.

Following its release, Pardi took his responses to the cheating rumors on a media tour — speaking on the ‘Lip Service’ podcast and ‘The Breakfast Club’ radio show just this week. Though he denied getting bedside service or any sexual contact with other women while they dated, he did seemingly admit to inappropriate conversations.

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Megan Questions Why Kelsey Harris Won’t Defend Herself Amid New Affidavit In Tory Lanez’s Case

The Houston artist — who took her hometown stage with Beyoncé just a few months ago — also said she’s ready to move on from her trauma. She spoke passionately about already naming her shooter, his conviction, and not understanding why her ex-best friend Kelsey Harris hasn’t defended herself online.

Megan said Kelsey’s issue with her was that she wouldn’t clear her online, but Megan’s stance was she “didn’t want to talk about this at all.”

“Kelsey didn’t motherf**king shoot me, Megan said. “But now you won’t get online and defend yourself, so that just proves my point either you took some money or your life is in danger, like why won’t you get online…”

Watch some of the clips below.

Her statements involving the 2020 shooting come after reports of Tory Lanez’s former driver submitting an affidavit about what he witnessed that night.

According to documents published by legal affairs reporter Meghann Cuniff, the driver testified that he saw Kelsey holding a gun before the shooting. Still, he did not specify who ultimately fired it and struck Megan.


The artist added that there’s “no new evidence” and that the person who shot her is in prison for it.

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Megan Thee Stallion says she’s indifferent to what information people “make trend.” In real life, the superstar says she’s “winning..healthy…happy.” Now, she just wants to be left alone to move on.

“I’m not doing nothing to y’all, so I would really appreciate if everybody would let me heal in peace, would let me move on, because I’m not talking about y’all. I don’t have anything bad to say about any of you people.”

Megan added that anyone she was cool with could rest easy about her knowing their dirt. If she knows, it’s staying with her.

She said, “The business safe with me friend, cause y’all can get online and try to talk about my dirt all y’all want to, y’all don’t wanna know whose in the same room.”

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