The divorce between Mel B and Stephen Belafonte may be finalized, but it looks like the drama is far from over.

Earlier this week we reported that Mel B filed to block Belafonte’s visitation rights with her 10-year-old daughter after she claims that he showed her ISIS beheading videos.

Now Belafonte is clapping back at his ex and says that it is all lies.

According to TMZ, Belafonte filed legal documents in the effort to get visitation rights for his 10-year-old stepdaughter Angel, whose biological father is Eddie Murphy.

Belafonte claims that Mel B is a drug addict and alcoholic and alleges that she has been hospitalized for overdosing. He says that she has covered up bruises from her addictions by claiming they were due to domestic violence.

He claims that she’s so addicted to drugs that she has walked into walls, and has even tried to urinate on the couch in front of the children.

When it comes to the beheading claims, he says that’s a lie and he hasn’t even searched for those kinds of videos.

Belafonte says that he also texted Mel B’s therapist and asked him to stop medicating her because she can become another Michael Jackson.


Chile!! These two definitely have a lot going on. Roommates, what are your thoughts?