Michael Blackson Thanks Ice Cube For His Role In The 'Friday' Franchise Amid Pay Conversation

Michael Blackson Thanks Ice Cube For His Role In The ‘Friday’ Franchise Amid Pay Conversation

Well, it looks like the conversation about pay on the ‘Friday’ franchise is still going. This time Michael Blackson weighed in on the coins he made on set. As you may remember, Michael played the role of a dissatisfied customer in the 2000 sequel ‘Next Friday.’

“@icecube is not to blamed for us getting paid so little it’s the film industry’s pay scale,” Michael tweeted. “I got paid $800 a day when I did ‘Next Friday’ plus overtime I made $1200 for my one day’s work of “I can’t get giggy with this sh*t.” Thanks to ‘Next Friday’ I became the biggest African comic.”

Faizon Speaks On ‘Friday’ Role Pay 

The comedian’s appreciation came hours after Ice Cube responded to an article about Faizon Love’s $2,500 pay. A little over a week ago, Comedy Hype published a video of Faizon speaking on his salary in ‘Friday.’ When the interviewer asked if it was “a big deal” that Faizon only received $2,500, Faizon listed the benefits of the pay at the time.

“I got to say I’m working to the P.O…probation…I’m working, I pay my rent, I ain’t out in the street doing no bullsh*t,” Faizon responded.”

He continued on to say “it wasn’t about the money then.” Still, the Comedy Hype interviewer pressed on about being paid so little for an “iconic” role. But, Faizon simply responded “but it wasn’t iconic when we did it” and later clarified that calling the movie iconic is “hindsight.”


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Ice Cube Responds To Low Pay Talks

Still, Ice Cube wasn’t feeling Faizon’s comments. When a Twitter user reshared a headline about Faizon’s comments, Ice Cube snapped.

“Yo it’s wild how @icecube act like he for the people and the whole time been robbing his own people…Pay them people @FAIZONLOVE @christuckerreal #RipAjjohnson,” user @SO_AMBITIOUS_28 wrote.

“I didn’t rob no f****n body. The 1995 Friday movie cost $2.3m to make,” Ice Cube responded. “Shot it in 20 days. Fazion worked 1 day, maybe 2. All the actors got paid scale to do the movie. They could’ve simple said “No” but they didn’t. So miss me with that sh*t.”  

Hours after Ice Cube and Michael’s post, Faizon posted to Instagram calling his previous point “moot.”

“I have zero regrets. Actually, I want to take this time to thank Cube Dj Pooh and Felix Gary Grey for letting me be apart of such an iconic picture. I truly have nothing but love For these brothers. WestSide Ni***s!!!!!!!!”

Michael Shares His ‘Next Friday’ Pay 

Michael also shared the tweet to his Instagram page with additional details about the pay scale.

Just like any other job there’s entry level pay for first timers, once you make a name for yourself you can demand any amount of money that you want and if they want you they will pay,” Michael wrote in his caption. “@icecube Thanks for the Friday franchise because it got me where I am today. When I produce my film I’m paying new n***as in food and p**sy.”

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